Superintendent of the Year visits LHS

by Alicia Nasto, Editor-In-Chief

Frederick County’s school system is often recognized for student achievement; however, recently, the top FCPS offiial earned recognition of her own.  On October 27th, Dr. Theresa Alban won the Maryland Superintendent of the Year Award. The award puts her in the running for National Superintendent of the Year against superintendents from all over the nation.

On November 3rd, Alban came to Linganore High School and sat in on the new 9/11 course, the woodworking class, and the journalism class.

Dr. Alban enjoys visiting the schools she represents to see what goes on in the classroom. She said,  “I also like to talk to our teachers to help me understand the new strategies they are using and what support they feel they need from FCPS.” These visits remind her of her  previous teaching career in Baltimore County, where she taught special education for elementary and middle school students. 

She talked to Mr. Darren Hornbeck about his 9/11 course and “the design of the curriculum for this elective, how technology was being used, and why this course would impact students so much.”

Dr. Alban spoke to students directly in Mr. Adam Rudderow’s woodworking class. She was impressed by the creativity the students showed through their various projects.

Rudderow said there were students “making a hunting rack, 2-D cutting boards, side end tables” and more. The students showed Alban the design process and the steps they took to achieve their final products.

When Alban walked into the journalism room, the staff was not only able to ask her questions about her award, but also they were able to talk to her about what Lancer Media does on a daily basis and their staff goals for moving forward.

Alban congratulated the class on their SNO Distinguished Site Award for 2016 and asked questions about  progress toward a repeat award this year.

Currently,  Alban is in her sixth year of her eight-year term. She is proud to have a team of “champions of excellence.” She attributes the superintendent award to that team because they all work together to chart the course of the school system.

Throughout Alban’s career with Frederick County Public Schools, she has achieved so much to better our school system. She was able to strengthen the image of our educational system by changing the magnet program, expanding access to more rigorous classes, and taking part in primary talent development, in which teachers give opportunities to strengthen and build upon students’ different talents. 

Her future plans for our school system is “eliminating the achievement gap,” she said.  Alban wants to give all students the skills to make them successful in each of their futures.

Alban would love to continue; however, there are numerous duties a superintendent has that can be physically demanding. She said, “I wouldn’t do it if I couldn’t do it well.”

Dr. Theresa Alban will be representing Maryland’s school system in February at the American Association of School Administrators conference, and then again at a convention for all Superintendents of the Year next fall.