Mock Trial advances to regional competition for the first time in school history


courtesy of Maria Pellicer

The Mock Trial team poses with their judge after the competition.

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Imagine: You’re 40 years old and your 17-year-old daughter is headed straight down the lacrosse field about to score the winning goal for states, but then she collides with an opposing team member. She is told she has a possible concussion and has to be restricted from play. Next year, she comes back to play again and receives another concussion. This time, it’s life altering.

This is the case that the Mock Trial team is dealing with this year. The team is divided into two sides. The plaintiff is trying to prove that the lacrosse league was negligent. The defendants are trying to prove that the mother, Casey Perez, assumed the risk that she was putting her daughter in.

Both plaintiff and defense have a team of  three lawyers, three witnesses, and three alternates.  

The plaintiff team is: Cat Detrick plays Casey Perez paired with her attorney Michael Zerr and their alternate Dalton Harris.

Brenna Lindsey plays Tobin O’Riley paired with her attorney Sofia Schuller and their alternate Brooke Gooding.

Harrison King plays Bobbi Chadwick paired with his attorney Grace Weaver and their alternate MaKenzie Llewellyn.

The defense team: Michael Zerr plays Chris Durrant paired with his attorney Garret Gillespie.

Isabella Madrid plays Shannon Dempsey paired with her attorney Hugh Norko.

Ryan Stark plays Jordan Reddick paired with his attorney Maria Pellicer and their alternate Kristen Gagne.

The team is coached by Mrs. Jamie Hendi and Mrs. Kathleen Chapman. Both coaches are former lawyers. Hendi is a history teacher, and Chapman is a Maryland judge.

“The team has come a long way since last year and I can only thank it to the hard work that they have put in. I’m so proud,” said Hendi.

The team has put in long and hard hours to become successful this year. They practiced from 2:30- 3:30 every Tuesday and Thursday during the regular season with the occasional Sunday practice from 12-3. They wanted to be as prepared as they could be to become the best team in Frederick County.

“In the beginning, I had some worries especially because of last year’s season, but we are a completely different team now. We are ready to win,” said King.

Last year the team went 0-4, not even winning the case on merits. It was a very devastating season, but they have bounced back. Although the team lost no seniors last year, it seems like a completely different team, especially with all of the new additions.

This year the team has gone 6-1 and are Frederick County’s Champions. They will move on to regionals go up against Richard Montgomery.  Regionals will be held at the Montgomery County Judicial Center at 6 p.m. on March 15, 2016. The plaintiff team will be competing for the first time in playoffs. 

This is the first time in Linganore’s school history that Linganore has made it into playoffs and the first time they’ve ever won counties.