Shadowhunters: An insider’s guide to the new series

by Sydney Rossman, Editor

If you have read the books and seen the movie then you will appreciate the extra details that the new series, Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments on Freeform provides.  Episodes air on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m.

Here’s my review of the first episode:


The Villains of the show are really Valentine, the Ruler of all Demons, and Bad Shadowhunter. In the beginning, we see villains, but on one mentions his name. We were introduced to the problem that  demons want human blood and the Shadowhunters have to figure out why. The best villain is, of course, Valentine.  The website features a quiz to see if you could be the next vampire fledgling.  Very interesting.


I was extremely shocked that I would like Clary, played by Katherine McNamara. I honestly thought she would do a terrible job with Clary, but she was amazing. It seemed like the screenwriter kept a lot of the scenes where you got a sense of who she is which is creative, loyal, caring and has a warrior spirit. The best scene was her emotional reaction to her mother’s kidnapping. The emotion it took to make it so believable was amazing. She almost made me cry with her.


I was so disappointed in Simon’s character because they made him softer than what I thought he represented in the book. He was probably only in the show during the first episode for 10 minutes which made me even more sad because in the beginning of the book series,  Simon is an important part. He is always with Clary, and in the show he is a little distant. He is my favorite character in the book, but in the show he is my least favorite. 


Alec is so funny because he is jealous that Jace is paying more attention to Clary. You can tell just by his conversation about Jace to Isabelle he already made up his mind that he dislikes Clary. He has a really cool wardrobe that makes him wear black sweaters with denim, flannel with leather. He is much better in the show than in the movie.


Isaiah Mustafa does a terrific job playing Luke. He is really funny in some of the scenes. Then he is serious when he is being interrogated by Valentine’s minions and lies by telling them he doesn’t care about Jocelyn and Clary.  The only thing I was sad about was the fact that he doesn’t work in a bookstore. Instead, he is a police officer–that is less suited to his character.


Dominic Sherwood was meant for this part. Before the show started, the actor would post funny videos with other cast members. Jace is the character that has to be right. Everything is about him, and he is the best Shadowhunter ever born. In the show, he makes you laugh because of the fact that he doesn’t have a good sense of humor. Jace is second character that I really enjoyed and was pleased that he was in more that 25 minutes of the the show.


Magnus Bane shows off his magic abilities, awesome fashion taste, and how popular he is. Also he shows that he is head boss of all warlocks. 


I love her personalities in the show, and show’s writers kept her fierce side. in the book and movie, she wears tall high heeled boots, and all black outfits, but in the show she only wore black for maybe five minutes of the show. The rest of the time she was on screen she was wearing white and that made me so angry. She wore a white pencil skirt and a matching white tight midriff shirt that was accented with a white wig. In the later books we learned that white is what they wear when someone dies.  Unless I missed something I don’t think anyone dies in the show.


Even though he was in the show for just a short stint, he did a amazing job. He was just as mean as he was in the book and meaner than the Valentine in the movie. Alan Van Sprang did live up to my hopes for his character. I think Sprang as an actor is naturally a evil role. He plays it so amazing that he makes me tremble. Can’t wait to see more of him and his master plan.


How Maxim Roy betrayed Jocelyn was really weird because she made her seem not too protective like she is in the book,and she doesn’t really react to Clary drawing the runes. The new show emphasizes her sword play. I didn’t like how she gave Clary the stele because Jace is supposed to give it to her, and that is what starts their relationship.


The new show keeps some plot elements, but changes major scenes,  like the coffee shop where Clary first sees Jace. They didn’t even include Felix, who is a funny supporting actor. He is one of Simon’s best friends and a member of Simon’s band,e notices Clary’s transformation by what she wears now. They also didn’t include Dorothea, who, in the book, is an old creepy fortune teller. Instead it is Dorothea/Dot and she is a young girl who works for Jocelyn in the shop that is in the lower part of the Fray house.

Best quotes from episode 1:

“…Warlocks, vampires, demons…” said Jace. “Literally my brain is about to explode.” –Clary

“I am not interested in being in your supernatural fight club… I just want to find my mom.” –Clary.

Clary–“Okay listen, I still don’t get everything that is going on here, but you don’t tattoo my neck. That is creepy.”

Jace–“Duly noted. Next time I will let you die.”