March Madness Bracket Challenge: Kraft vs. McFadden look ahead to Sweet-Sixteen

by Kyle McFadden, Sports Editor

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Your brackets are probably busted and with the Sweet-Sixteen approaching, March Madness is heating up. Duke (3) being bounced by Mercer (14) and Dayton (11) cruising to the Sweet-Sixteen are just some of the many upsets and Cinderella stories that had fans shouting at their televisions and smartphones.

While Coach Kraft holds a 42-39 point lead on my bracket, I feel like I will take the lead after this weekend. Coach Kraft and I both have Florida, Michigan State, Michigan and Arizona advancing to the Elite-Eight but, I have two defining games that Coach K chose unwisely.  (Add the “muhaha” sound effect.)  If Iowa State defeats Connecticut and Louisville takes down Kentucky, then I could easily be going into the Elite-Eight with lead over the illustrious Kraft.

Iowa State (3) took a huge blow this past weekend when they lost its top scorer Georges Niang for the rest of the tournament due to a broken bone in his foot. Connecticut scares me. Led by standout point guard Shabazz Napier, I believe Iowa St. will still prevail over the seven-seeded UConn Huskies.

Looking ahead in the bracket, Coach Kraft only has four of his Elite-Eight teams left while I have six of the Elite-Eight teams still intact. My champion, Michigan State(4), will be forced to take on top-seeded Virginia in the Sweet-Sixteen, while Coach’s potential champion, Florida(1) faces up against UCLA(4).

Virginia barely squeaked past Coastal Carolina (16) in the second round, with it being a single-digit game most of the way. My prediction is Virginia won’t last in the Sweet Sixteen. It’s also time that Florida sees an upset, and UCLA is the team to do it. Sorry Coach Kraft.

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My Bracket

My Bracket


Coach Kraft's Bracket

Coach Kraft’s Bracket

Kraft: 42

McFadden: 39

Points Breakdown:

Round 2: 1 point

Round 3: 2 points

Sweet 16: 4 points

Elite 8: 8 points

Final 4: 16 points

Championship: 32 points

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