Linganore High School gives away Coach bags, scholarships, and more during 60th-anniversary celebration

Linganore High School is still going strong after 60 years and an entire building change.

Karen Ohlrich

Linganore High School is still going strong after 60 years and an entire building change.

by Delaney Browne, Reporter

On March 4, Linganore students and alumni came together to celebrate the high school’s enduring presence in the community.  

The ceremony offered many different activities, such as a silent auction and bingo in which contestants could win a designer bag from brands such as Coach. 

The celebration provided a venue for current and former students to get together and reminisce about their school days, and the reunion also served a good cause: a fundraiser for Safe & Sane.

Nate McKinstry, head of Safe & Sane and father to three current Linganore students, was kind enough to set up the secret auction and also volunteer selling concessions. 

Safe & Sane is a graduation event held for the graduating class at Linganore. The overnight festival is hosted for seniors following the graduation ceremony. It intends to provide a safe environment for students to celebrate their graduation instead of participating in dangerous activities such as underage drinking.

Besides organizing many activities at the celebration to raise money for Safe & Sane, the anniversary also allowed for Linganore alumni to get together.

“I’m trying to kind of generate interest among the graduates,” said Karen White, one of the many alumni presidents and a graduate from the Linganore class of 1970. “Maybe they’d like to go on a trip like going to the fair together.”

The reunion had many different tables for former students in hopes that they would be interested in joining a group, such as the agricultural group which reached out to former FFA members. There were many other booths such as the band booth and even a booth for the gym, Health Unlimited in Carroll County.

Although the celebration was primarily geared toward former students, the event also had much to offer the current senior class from Linganore High School. According to Diana Fulchiron, Director of Community Impact for The Community Foundation of Frederick County, seven different scholarships are being awarded to this year’s graduating class.

“Last year we gave out over 1.8 million dollars in scholarships,” said Fulchiron. 

Whether you are a current Linganore student or one of its many alumni, the celebration offered a great way to see classmates and share appreciation for Linganore High School’s legacy, while winning a couple prizes for yourself along the way.