Working out can improve mindset, mental health and well-being


Brian Bedard

Recent Linganore graduate and fitness enthusiast Aidan Bruce executes his favorite chest workout.

by Brian Bedard, Reporter

The gym is home to a lot of people. Studies show that the gym is extremely beneficial for your body and can increase many aspects of your life. Consistent exercising and activity can boost your mood, concentration, and alertness.

Working out also gives one a more overall positive outlook on life. As people works out, they strengthen their bones and muscles. This helps improve their ability to do daily activities and keep themselves safe from diseases. This video will introduce you to the world of fitness.

Gym enthusiast Brett Thomas and Eric Hodges are incredible when it comes to fitness and know more about the sport of working out than most. They shared their opinions on what it is like to have the motivation and courage to dedicate everyday of their life to working out.

Hodges shared his perspective on working out during sports’ seasons as a teenager in high school.

“During season and off-season, I would go to the gym five days a week,” Hodges said.

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