What to expect from Linganore High School’s track and field team this year


Ellowyn Ojeda

Corbin Pilcher, Wyatt Valenzuela, James Martinez, Giovanni Angulo and Christian Williams warm up at the beginning of practice.

by Ellowyn Ojeda, Reporter

Linganore High School’s (LHS) male track and field team is kicking off this year strong, with a large number of athletes on the team in comparison to previous years. This year’s team consists of 62 athletes, with the majority of them new to the team. 

These athletes have some impressive times and distances. Some of them have high expectations for themselves this year, even aspiring to break school records. 

Kyle Walker, a LHS track and field athlete who has been on the team since his freshman year, has proven to be a very promising athlete.

“A personal record that I would love to beat is two minutes and three seconds for the 800 meter dash. With that time I was able to win the county championship [for the 800 meter dash], hopefully next year I can crush that time and make it to at least top five in states,” Walker said. 

Walker hopes to shorten his time down to 1 minute and 55 seconds in the 800 meter dash, and to finish as one of the top five athletes at the state meet.

Walker has been praised by the head coach of the track and field team, William Eckard. Eckard remarked specifically on Walker’s skill and commitment to the team. 

Senior Cole Williamson is also a LHS track and field athlete that has been on the team for four years now.

“My best time last year was 1 minute and 37 seconds,Williamson said. “I like pushing myself, so I’m aiming for a new PR.”  

Williamson hopes to help build up the LHS track and field team this year for future generations of athletes. 

Senior Logan Rich is team captain in discus and shot put. He has been on the LHS track and field team since his freshman year.

“My best throw [last year] for discus was 145 feet, and my record for shot put was 42 feet,” Rich said. “I am so close to the school record for discus, I am aiming to beat it. I have been working with my coach a few days of the week, so that I can beat the school record.” 

The school record for discus is 156 feet. Aiming to break the school record is a hard task. Rich and his coaches’ efforts towards his goal will hopefully help him to achieve it this year. 

Senior athlete Kelsey Bannon has been on the LHS track and field team for all four years, including indoor and outdoor. Bannon participates in the high jump, long jump and sprint for the team. His best high jump height last year was 6 feet. 

“My goal for this year is to beat my record from last year and to try to place first,” Bannon said. 

Colton Sullivan is a freshman at LHS who made the choice to join the male track and field team this year. 

“I decided to join this year because I thought it would be a sport I could be good at,” Sullivan said. “It’s taken up a lot of my time but I love it.” 

Sullivan hopes to be able to achieve a time in the long distance race that is below 2 minutes and 20 seconds this year. 

There was a track and field meet at Seneca Valley High School on Saturday, March 25. 

Walker took second place in the 800 meter dash and has identified ways in which he would like to improve by the next meet. 

“In practice, I could work on keeping up my endurance, running more miles a week and getting my mileage up, so I can stay with those top guys,” Walker said. 

Rich also competed at the meet but was disappointed with his performance.

“I definitely did not do as well as I was expecting to,” Rich said. “I only threw 118 feet; it was a little bit of a let down, but it just means that I have to work harder for what I want.” 

Rich hopes to approve upon his form and his release before the next meet.

“I believe my other teammates did really well,” Rich said. 

Athletes Jalen Godette and Gary Agnello competed alongside Rich during the meet. 

Bannon jumped an impressive 5 feet 10 inches in the high jump competition. This helped him to secure first place in the high jump category, winning against approximately 50 other competitors. Bannon achieved another great score of 19.3 meters in the long jump, winning 11th place. 

“My biggest role model is probably Aaron Dufresne[, a 2022 Linganore graduate], Bannon said. “He was really good; he made it to states and just worked hard every day. I would like to be on the same par as him, or better, so I will just have to work at it and keep practicing.” 

Sullivan was among those competing in the 4×800 meter relay.

“Anthony [Santos] got the fastest time, I got the second fastest, and then it was Grayson [Houser], then Chandler [Mckinstry],” Sullivan said. 

Sullivan believes he ran fast at the start of the race and was proud of his performance during the meet. 

The senior athletes believe that joining that track and field team is a positive decision and encourage all that are considering trying out next year to do so.

 “Give it a shot,” Walker said. “I think there is a place on our team for everyone.

Williamson had some advice for prospective athletes hoping to make the team. 

“Get in shape,” Williamson said.

According to team members, track and field requires dedication and practice.

“Track can be a tough sport; give it time, Walker said. “Everyone needs time to learn the sport.” 

Rich agreed with Walker’s statement.

“Work hard and push through,” Rich said. “You might not [compete] at the first meet, but keep working towards improvement, and you’ll get there,” 

Bannon concluded. “Come to practice and work hard. Just remember to have fun. It’s meant to be a fun sport,” Bannon said.  

The track and field team is looking forward to a strong spring season this year, with their next meet on April 1 at Governor Thomas Johnson High School