Opening of Prospect Pantry in New Market

Ashly Wright, pictured, is the owner of Prospect Pantry.

Leslie Zampier

Ashly Wright, pictured, is the owner of Prospect Pantry.

Prospect Pantry is the newest addition to Main Street New Market. Its owner Ashly Wright took inspiration for this new restaurant from her family. 

Wright grew up in California where she frequently visiteda restaurant owned by her grandfather, Reno Barcsocchini. Prospect Pantry showcases Barcsocchini’s ties to Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, for whom he served as best man at their wedding. 

Prospect Pantry is located in downtoan New Market. (Leslie Zampier )

Barcsocchini’s restaurant was sold in 1987 after he passed away, but now his memory is alive in New Market, Md at his granddaughter’s restaurant, Prospect Pantry. 

Prospect Pantry has a family-friendly environment and has become a teen hotspot. The owner expresses her plan to one day expand the restaurant to other locations in the region.

The memory picture wall at Prospect Pantry features images of family members and ancestors in colorful frames. (Leslie Zampier)

The new restaurant has much to attract patrons aside from its fare.

To bring the community together for some fun and help out Prospect’s small business, they often host an open mic, open to all ages. 

As customers walk in, they are greeted by a gumball machine at the front door. The restaurant also features what some might call an Instagram-worthy picture wall.

A different wall is covered in green moss with a neon sign that says, “If these walls could talk.”

Another fun addition are the rainbow cutting boards that hang around the booth seating area. They bring a fun, bright color to lighten up the space. 

In the bathroom, one will find another unique feature of the restaurant: a floor covered in pennies. This aspect was added in memory of Wright’s grandmother named Patty who died in 2011 and in whose coffin the family placed pennies to remember her by.

There are black-and-white photos of Wright’s grandparents on one of the restaurant walls to keep them both in remembrance, emphasizing the family connection and Wright’s inspiration.

Open mic at Prospect Pantry helps draw crowds from the community. Leslie Zampier performs an original song at Prospect Pantry’s grand opening. (Devin Meitzler)

“It very much felt like the universe was aligning by being able to open this restaurant,” said Wright. 

As for tasty bites, they currently offer acai bowls, watermelon salads with a balsamic glaze, guacamole toast, chicken salad croissant sandwiches, smoked salmon on a bagel and more. 

Teens can appreciate an Instagram-worthy wall that says, “If These Walls Could Talk.”

Their food comes from a local food source, which Wright expects to change with the seasons. 

Additionally, they provide gluten-free meals that are made on a separate toaster and panini press to ensure there is no cross-contamination with other food in the restaurant. 

Wright believes that the New Market community is the perfect location for her new business.

“I love that New Market is a unique, cute place. It provides a mix of residential living and business in one place,” said Wright.