Hard work pays off: Poms ready to dance


by Madeline Williamson, Editor

Before the poms season was put on pause, the team had already held tryouts and created a routine. 

Riley Johnston said, “We had a small group tryout. It wasn’t anything like we have done in the past years where we had a week.” 

The team had to make a lot of adjustments to their season. Their tryout groups were split in half. The whole team couldn’t dance together and tryouts only lasted a day. Then tryouts and practices were moved to the hallway in the back entrance of the school to create more social distance and to avoid moving the cafeteria desks. In addition, the girls also had to come up with new choreography. 

Coach Michelle Richardson said “While practices are inside, we work in two separate groups with two sets of captains. Outside practices allow for the team to meet together, but ensure that there is 6 feet distance and masks worn.

The dances have also been altered drastically. Pre-Covid the team was known for their jaw-dropping kick lines and their caterpillars. Seeing these moves had the audience in awe. Now the caterpillars are moved from the dance completely and the kicks are lone without linking arms.

Although the season has been shortened, Nash said, “I am so happy that we’re able to perform at even just one game. It’s better than nothing”

“I am most excited for some normalcy, and seeing the girls work together and dance again. I’m also really excited they get to perform for the upcoming football game, They truly love it” says Richardson.

For the seniors, it will be their last dance as Lancers. 

Pre-Covid the team was a tight-knit friend group, too. 

“My favorite memory from poms would have to be all the pasta parties. It was so fun to bond with the rest of the team and hangout outside of practice,” said  co-captain Taylor Mitcham.