Movie Review: Space Jam is out of this world


Matt Nyandjo

A graphic collage of some of the space jam characters.

by Matt Nyandjo, Editor

Imagine you got stuck in digital space and had to make a good basketball team to win to get out.

The movie stars the most prominent basketball player of our generation, Lebron James, playing himself in the movie. Trippy right?

 Space Jam: A New Legacy, is a well produced movie and is the perfect sequel for the original movie. The remake premiered on HBO Max and in theaters on July 16.  I watched it on HBO Max, and it was very enjoyable. But I wish I could watch it in the movie theaters. 

The movie begins as Lebron James and his son Dom(Cedrick Joe) go to a film discussion in Warner Bros. Studios.  After the event, Dom decides he wants to pursue video game development as a career, whereas Lebron wants his son to play basketball.

The antagonist Al-G Rhythm, plots against Lebron and his son Dom. As Lebron and Dom are arguing Al-G takes advantage of them and lures them both into his basement room where he then traps them into the Warner Bros server verse. An epic basketball game between Al-G’s team and Lebron’s team is the only way for Lebron to get out. Sounds stupid but it works!  Al-G then sends Lebron to the tune world where he meets Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Tunes characters. 

Besides the obvious plot, Space Jam:A New Legacy, shows good cinematography where the animation is on point. The movie uses CGI for the animated Looney Tunes characters. This fits the movie and makes it more realistic.

The movie has wonderful computer graphics and shows great improvement of quality in comparison to the original Space Jam movie in 1995. The movie effects are colorful and wonderful. The cinematography of the movie was clear and pristine.

 Space Jam: A New Legacy has a great choice of cameos which includes Michael B. Jordan. Micheal B. Jordan is wonderful cameo for this movie because it creates a humorous scene where the Looney Tune character Sylvester said he found Michael Jordan. Lebron and the other tunes were excited for this. Suspense is created as the person walks into the room. humorously, Michael B. Jordan walks in and is not the original Space Jam star Michael Jordan. 

Although it is a great movie it would not be qualified to win any big awards. Space Jam: A New Legacy shows   mediocre acting, as Lebron James isn’t a trained actor.

This movie received some negative reviews and doesn’t have good star ratings.  According to Rotten Tomatoes Space Jam: A New Legacy received a 26% performance rating which is really horrid.

According to IMDb, Space Jam: A New Legacy received a 4.4/10 rating on the movie. Some of the movie ratings are biased, as some people don’t like Lebron James because of his comparisons with Michael Jordan. 

In all, Space Jam 2: A New Legacy  is worth watching because of the better story line than the original Space Jam movie and also because of its nostalgia effect.

Characters from the Looney Tunes make this movie nostalgic for anyone who watched Looney Tunes or the original Space Jam Movie. This movie also is child friendly and is perfect to watch with any young children.