#NationalSigningDay2020: Cam Rokisky at the mound for Marshall University Herd


courtesy of Cam Rokisky

Cam Rokisky smiles at the signing table for a picture with his family and high school head coach David Keiling.

On November 11 2020, Cam Rokisky participated in National Signing Day and committed to playing D1 baseball with the Thundering Hurd at Marshall University.

Although Rokisky also looked at schools such as University of San Diego and Pepperdine, he signed with Marshall University as he wanted a campus where everything is close together as he enjoyed more of a small city feel. Rokisky wants to major in business and go into real estate after graduation.

“I chose Marshall because I created a good relationship with the pitching coach, and I really like what they are doing with their baseball program. I also really like the campus and the energy the students have for Marshalls sports programs,” said Rokisky.

Cam Rokisky focuses as he steps forward to pitch. (courtesy of Cam Rokisky)

Rokisky has been in the Linganore baseball program since being on JV his freshman year. He rose to the varsity team at the end of his sophomore year but had his junior season cut short due to Covid-19.

David Keiling, Linganore’s Varsity Head Coach said, “One thing that I really admire about Cam is that he doesn’t take negatives and get down on himself. When he started as a sophomore and we had him play JV for the start of the year. He never once got caught up about it. He always put in his best effort both on and off the field, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Outside of the spring school season, Rokisky also plays club baseball for Florida Travel Baseball or FTB.

“Playing for FTB showed what it was like facing some of the best kids in the country. I’m glad that I was able to experience this before going to play in college as it showed me what higher level play would be like,” said Rokisky.

At Marshall, Jeff Waggoner coached his 14th, shortened season with an overall record of 5-10-1. Their home record was 3-3-1 and their away record was 1-6.

Although Wagoner is the head coach, Assistant coach Joe Renner is in charge of the pitchers, the position that Rokisky plays. Renner has served as a pitching coach since the 1995 season, working with 26 pitchers who advanced to the professional level.

“Cam has become more mature from playing baseball over the years learning from difficult team and travel situations. He has always been a strong baseball player, but over the years he is becoming a stronger person as well and it is preparing him for whatever he faces past his high school career,” said Kerri Rokisky, Cam’s mother.

Although Cam knows pitching at Marshall will be challenging, he is super excited to play and further both his baseball career, his education, and himself along the way.