Honor Roll recipients trade report cards for treats: Photo of the Day 2/11/20


Emily McNally

Mrs. Nancy Doll hands Hannah Bowie a cookie for her success.

by Emily McNally, Editor

Are you a chocolate chip or a sugar cookie person?

On February 7, students chose one or the other as a recognition for receiving Honor Roll on their report card. 

Assistant Principal Andrew McWilliams, Literacy Specialist Tracey Cassidy, and Principal Nancy Doll handed out goodies to reward students for top academic achievement. The stand was set up in the cafeteria during all three lunch shifts. 

“We think it’s important to recognize student success,” said Doll. “And we know students love cookies, so here’s an opportunity for them to get one for free!” 

Emily McNally
Mr. Andrew McWilliams hands Hannah Bowie an Honor Roll ribbon.

If students had perfect attendance they got a pencil. If they had a 3.0 GPA or higher, they got a free cone from Dairy Queen, and if students earned Honor Roll, they got a ribbon and a cookie. There was an option of a chocolate chip, sugar, or M&M cookie.

“It’s a fun thing the school does that everyone gets excited about. I mean, who doesn’t love cookies? ” said Class of 2021 student, Hannah Bowie.

Report cards were originally scheduled to be handed out during PREP, but a tornado warning the plan. Due to the change in schedule, PREP was canceled for that day. 

An announcement was made during second block that asked students to stop by their PREP room in between classes to get their report card. 

Didn’t get a cookie on Friday? This semester, work your best and receive Honor Roll or perfect attendance for the next report card handout!