Xbox Series X vs PS5: Which console has the best vision for gamers?


Matt Nyandjo

A brief showcase of these new consoles’ designs. Which one do you think has the best vision for gamers?

by Matt Nyandjo, Reporter

Will you get the Xbox Series X Or PS5?


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During the last 7 years, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were the main consoles for gaming. These consoles helped to create many memories that the gaming community will never forget. Recently, both Xbox and PlayStation have been working on the new generation of consoles: the PS5 and Xbox Series X.  Since the beginning of 2020, these consoles have been getting developed and now have been officially released. 

Many claims can be made on which console is the best for gamers. Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X have a new backwards compatibility feature. This feature allows for older games made for previous consoles to be played on the new generation consoles. Both of these consoles exceeded the needs of gamers as everyone wanted this feature. Interesting enough, the Xbox Series X and PS5 now have increased game qualities. The consoles are now able to run on a 4k game resolution. They both also now run an increased 120 frames per second on selective games. These new features allow for the games to run smoother and faster.

The PS5 developed a new controller called the DualSense in which it can use haptic feedback to simulate vibration in the player’s hands. Sand and rain are just two examples that the innovative controller can simulate. These feeling depend on the settings or actions that are occurring. This is an impeccable new feature as it enhances the gamers experience and makes the games feel more realistic.

Deciding on which console has the best vision for gamers is all about preference of what the gamers like. If you want your game to run better with improved specs and speeds, then the Xbox Series X might be your choice. If you enjoy more features and exclusive games, then the PS5 might be the right one for you. 

Many people have their own opinion on which unique console is better for gaming.