Unified bocce ball rolls into the season with enthusiasm: Photo of the Day 12/24/19


Sierra Rossman

Bocce ball player Jimmy Clements rolls his bocce ball, hoping to get closest to the pollina.

The Urbana Hawks gym was filled with excitement on December 19. All eyes were focused on the confident members of the bocce ball team, waiting with anticipation to see if they would roll closest to the pollina. 

One court is available for sixteen athletes, eight from each team and four on each side of the courts. When it is time to play, one side (consisting of four athletes from each team) rolls the pollina onto the court. The player who rolled the pollina then rolls their bocce ball and tries to get as close as they can to the pollina. Whichever team is closest to the pollina after all balls have been rolled wins.

The team has been working hard over the past several weeks to learn strategies in order to prepare for their matches.

Although the team lost against Urbana, they look forward to continuing their season.

“I look forward to playing bocce every week because it’s really fun and positive. I like playing with my friends,” said sophomore Jimmy Clements.

Sierra Rossman
Players Jason Joseph, Gabbi Young, Jaylin Graziano, and Nora Salter excitedly wait for their turn to roll.

The positive atmosphere is a unique aspect of bocce ball and something that coach Mary Cate Henry enjoys experiencing every year. 

“There’s always a positive energy and a lot of encouragement from both teams. It’s really inspiring,” said Henry.

Bocce ball was first documented in 5200 B.C., but was soon brought to Italy where is became so popular that it was threatened with prohibition due to citizens playing the game in the streets. 

Today, bocce ball can be experienced on all types of surfaces and not only in competitive settings. Lawn bocce ball sets are available for purchase and make for a fun pastime. 

The next match will take place on January 8 against Oakdale in the cafeteria. 

If you are interested in participating in the 2020-2021 season, see Coach Henry in room A133 for details.