Summer Destinations 2019: Oman cruises straight into summer with trip to western caribbean


courtesy of Royal Caribbean

View of sky deck on Majesty of the Seas.

by Braden Weinel and Alexis Fowler

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First stop after school for Aaron Oman is a five day cruise to the western Caribbean. He will be leaving out of Fort Lauderdale on The Majesty of the Seas with stops in Key West, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas.

The Majesty of the Seas comes equipped with sports courts, casinos, water slides, rock walls, an arcade, and much more, including five star dining The Majesty of the Seas has five star dining with multiple restaurants.

While docked in Key West and Nassau, Oman will spend time at beautiful Caribbean beaches and shop at both stops.

“I’m most excited to visit new locations and to spend time with my family,” said Oman.

His family started planning the trip about a year ago, initially wanting to go to Cuba. Unfortunately, about three weeks before they were supposed to leave, Royal Caribbean diverted the cruise away from Cuba for political reasons.

Aaron’s father, Jim Oman said, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and being able to relax, as well as getting a chance to try the great food on board.”