Edwin Koester talks about videography and personal experience with Lancer Media Staff: Photo of the day 11/21/19


courtesy of Edwin Koester

Edwin Koester takes a selfie with Lancer Media students.

by Ashley Martin, Managing Editor

On November 15, local videographer, Edwin Koester visited Lancer Media and talked to students about his background and gave advice on how to create effective videos.

Koester graduated from Waynesboro High School and continued his passion and joined the videography program at Penn State University. He later graduated and went on to do many different projects across the nation. Koester has gotten to work with people like academy award winner Cloris Leachman and Tara Reid on a film “The Fields”and Saturn award winner Robert Patrick and famous Cinematographer Stephen Kazmierski on western film “Good day for it.” Along with he major films he has been apart of, Koester has completed many smaller projects.

After the his post college aftermath he struggled continuing to find employment that was satisfying. Koester then started applying for marketing jobs for smaller businesses such as Music and Arts. Today Koester works at Frederick Community College in a two-man group as a photographer producer, most recently making an admissions video for the upcoming fall term.

Before his presentation, advanced journalism students showed him around the classroom and talked about the multimedia badge they are trying to complete in order to become a SNO Distinguished Site. During his speech he gave the class advice about videography how to achieve our future goal, which is to earn the badge.

Koester then showed us examples of important video elements and how these are crucial to videography and what he called “story telling.”

Koester said ” You must respect the craft, if you’re going to tackle writing,  know your writing purpose. Know things about story telling. Whenever I present a video, I love to present something at face value at the beginning, for the first 30 seconds. Whatever your seeing it is what it is. At the end of my video I introduce what I did at the beginning for significant value.”