NEHS brings Clifford to high school

by Matthew Gelhard, Managing Editor

Clifford decided to leave Emily in 2nd grade and take a visit to high school. Alongside members of the National English Honor Society, Clifford traveled the halls of the school and visited various classrooms to participate in classroom activities.

For every step of Clifford’s journey, NEHS members took photos and those pictures will be put together into a book, made specially for the Little Lancers so they can learn what is high school is like through Clifford. Another goal was for the Little Lancers is to find a love for reading through a larger-than-life character in Clifford.

After Clifford’s first day, teachers sent email to NEHS Advisor Natalie Rebetsky asking her to schedule a visit from Clifford to their classrooms.

Clifford planned to visit three elementary schools, Deer Crossing, Clearwater, and New Market ES, but all three trips were cancelled due to snow and wind chill delays.

Vice President of NEHS, Sarah Buckley, said, “I really enjoyed accompanying Clifford in his visit and the fact that he participated in not only reading activities but science and math, too.”

Many members and their friends helped to bring Clifford to high school: Diana Bryan, Sarah Buckley, Beau Cameron, Rachel Eaves, Caroline Etherton, Olivia Geisler, Ethan Hart, Sammie Hoefs, Erika Katsumoto, Courtney Larrick, Francesca Martinazzi, Rachel McCoy, Ashley Nash, Emily Reed, Catie Jo Tansey, Lily Weaver, Braden Weinel, Emily Wolfe, and Juliana Zeller.

Rebetsky, attended the Frederick County Reading Council annual October dinner and won the door prize of getting to spend the week with Clifford. She strategized how to bring Clifford to as many people as possible and decided that the photo book would be a lasting memory.