How Lancers honor the fallen: Photo of the Day 9/11/19


Jacob Blue

Students Grace Gaydosh, Alaina Burger, Kendall Marti, and Leah Bolger visit the 9-11 wreath to pay their respects.

by Jacob Blue, Managing editor

Eighteen years ago today, a tragic act of terrorism was performed by al Qaeda and Osama bi Laden when nineteen militants hijacked four airplanes and enacted suicide bombings. 

Two planes hit the World Trade Center in New York, a plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the finale plane crashed landed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 

About 3,000 people died during these attacks and newly formed policies were established to prevent these horrid acts from ever happening again. 

“Never before has a greater tragedy struck so close to home. But as much as it destroyed it also unified the American citizen under a cause. The time following 911 was so full of love and support for those who were grieving it really showed the strength of our nation,” remarked Senior Jeremy Hilton. 

The acts of this attack are still having rippling affects for the brave first responders health and wellness. The charity FDNY Foundation has the goal of assisting the fire department in their crusade to reduce firefighter and civilian casualties.

Darren Hornbeck gave a special presentation to his 9-11 to present course and was written about in the Fredrick News-Post

Today to honor those we’ve lost, over the announcements Ms. Boyenton read a special message was said talking about the attacks and the changes implemented to basic government structure, economic stability, and the balancing of individual rights with our desire to be safe. The announcement ends with a moment of silence. 

We also honor their memories by presenting a wreath made by the horticulture department next to the flag poll. The wreath is composed of red, white, and blue roses, topped with a patriotic ribbon.