AP Government and Politics blow their noses with the Constitution: Photo of the Day 9/11/2019


Emily Lotito

Tissue Boxes from the past years.

by Emily Lotito, Editor

Mrs. Jamie Hendi’s AP US Government and Politics have taken on their first project of the semester. The students have been assigned to design a tissue box reflecting what they have researched on the Constitution.

The criteria of the box is to have Articles 1 through 6 represented on their box in a “beautiful and unique way.”  The tissue box is an at-home project using research from the National Constitution Center.

The class has been discussing the Articles of Confederation which was the original Constitution until 1789. The Articles had many people question how the government dealt with economy and Shay’s Rebellion. Then, in 1786, a convention was held to rewrite the Articles and fix any problems that the government was facing. By June 1788, the rewritten Constitution was ratified by all states and became a foundation block of our system today.

During the week, students have been collaborating and sharing ideas on how they could decorate their boxes.

“It’s a fun project to show off our creativity. But I wish we only had to research the Articles because there is so much information we have to write,” Toni George said.

“The project is fun to research, but it’s a lot of work to decorate the the tissue box with all the notes we took,” said Taylor Carroll.