Registrar Reggio, keeper of student records, joins staff


Kat Taylor

Reggio is the keeper of all LHS student records, a position that she loves.

by Kat Taylor, Reporter

In any movie production, most people focus on the actors rather than the script writers. This concept is similar to the  students knowing who the principal and teachers are and not the registrar. The registrar is the mastermind behind the accuracy of the records and transcripts.

Ms. Kirstin Reggio began her journey at rival school Urbana High School. From there she attended Frederick Community College and completed her general education requirements. She was determined to pursue a career that meant something to her. She transferred to the University of Salisbury to become a teacher.

At Thomas Johnson Middle School, Reggio saw the doorway to her goal and accepted the job as a Learning for Life teacher. Then, an opportunity at Monocacy Middle School opened for a registrar, and she was willing to experience another role in a school system.

She took another leap and transferred to LHS. 

Reggio likes high school students. She said, “I like that you can have more in-depth conversations.”

Teachers make major impacts on their students, and for Reggio, it determined her future. “My first grade teacher – I just loved her and wanted to be like her.  In fact, when I was a senior in high school, I did an internship with her.”

She works with the office staff to check the transcripts for any errors and makes sure that each student is ready for graduation. A typical day in the fall is working on the student information cards, updating information in the system. She is also responsible for enrollments, withdraws, reviewing cumulative files, and processing midterm grades.

Reggio spends time with the student services staff. For example, she works with Mrs. Jennifer Twiford when she needs to figure out where a student is if they are missing on the attendance sheet. Twiford says that Reggio is “great to work with.”

Reggio prefers being a registrar more than a teacher because of the connections that she can make. She is “able to see the growth in a student from one grade to another.” Reggio believes that the ability to watch students grow makes the registrar job more fulfilling than being a teacher. 

Out of school, Reggio likes to spend her time working on crafts. “Scrapbook is a big thing I do, so it’s being able to have all the memories for later.”

She loves reading. “I never read in high school, but once I got out, and had free time then I started to read more.” 

My family has always had dogs – Goldens, a Black Lab, [and a] black German Shepherd.“ It comes as no surprise that she now has a miniature dachshund named Oliver.

Reggio believes that Being able to be a mentor, a friend, making a difference in someone’s life,” is what makes it all worth it.