Lana Del Rey sings the anti-Norman Rockwell music of our generation


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Lana’s cover for the album, NFR

Lana Del Rey’s NFR is the perfect transition from hot girl summer into sad girl autumn, with its moody sound and heartbroken lyrics.

The album has 14 songs. She released six of the songs as singles before the album’s release including, “The greatest,” “Mariners Apartment Complex,” ”F*** it I love you,”  and a cover of Sublime’s 1996 hit, “Doin’ Time.”

Our personal favorite,  “Happiness is a butterfly.”  is a song that doesn’t have as much traction as other songs on the album. This song is such a great representation of what the album stands for. The soft melody mixed with the sad lyrics make it almost impossible for one to not feel depressed. Trust us, this song is the absolute best song one could listen to when you just need a moment to sit back and feel sad.

Del Ray sings, “If he’s a serial killer, then what’s the worst/That can happen to a girl who’s already hurt?/I’m already hurt.”

 There are many others that we love and could listen to on repeat, specifically  “The greatest.” The hopeful feeling that the song gives off is very well mixed into the album. The lyrical side of the song is moderately sad and tragic. The melody, however is upbeat and joyful. If you like soft vocals mixed with ethereal echoes and contemporary beats, then this is the perfect song for you.

“F*** it I love you” is similar “Happiness is a butterfly,” with a mix of sad lyrics, and a sad melody. “You moved to California, but it’s just a state of mind,/And you know everyone adores you, /You can’t feel it and you’re tired, /Baby‚ wish that you would hold me or just say that you were mine, /But it’s killing me slowly.” The song is filled with rock themed instrumentals mixed with a relaxing beat. This song is definitely right up with “The greatest,” however it’s rather repetitive, so listening to it can become a bit daunting. 

“Doin’ Time” is a great song as well. This song is completely different from the whole album, but it’s wonderful nonetheless. It’s upbeat, a factor that plays out in it’s lyrics and melody. The summer vibes given off relate into a nostalgic feeling, brought up from its pop sound and a heavenly voice. It’s one of the most popular songs off the album, and there’s great reason why. However, it’s overwhelming happiness clashes with the sadder songs of the album.

“Venice B****” has an early 90’s nostalgic feel to it. The instrumentals are soft and underwhelming compared to loud vocals. This song genuinely could have been a favorite; however, the song is 10 minutes long. Four minutes is the longest we can stand the repetition.

Skip  “Bartender.”. The lyrics aren’t that bad. However they come off like they’re reading a story from a book. This would be fine if mixed with good instrumentals; but the only instrumental part of this song is a repetitive piano riff. The piano mixed with the lyrics is annoying to listen to. It doesn’t fit well into the album.

“How to disappear”  is something we would give two thumbs down. It sounds like none of the other songs at all. The weird EDM instrumentals mixed with quiet vocals and confusing lyrics is simply horrendous. It’s so awkward compared to the mainly contemporary album. The song was rated least popular off the album on a poll, and there’s a valid reason why. 

Del Rey has been on the Top 100 Artist billboard charts for 54 weeks, never descending below the top 50. She has been on the Top 100 Albums chart for the past two weeks, with NFR sustaining the 3 spot.

The alternative pop singer has been nominated countless amount of times. With nominations for prominent award ceremonies, such as the Grammys, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the Billboard Music Awards. The awards she has won include the 2013 Brit Award for Best International Female Artist, the 2012 & 2015 MTV Europe Award for Best Alternative, and the 2013 Echo Award for Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist.

This is definitely one of Lana’s best albums to date. It’s filled with melancholic vibes, and is mixed mixed with hints of hopefulness played on a contemporary track. The album is overall an 8/10. If you’re in need of something relaxed and depressing to listen to, we highly recommend you give this album a listen.