Every bunny needs somebunny: Pre-Vet class enjoys 31 rabbits visit!

Patty Hubbard breads many kinds of rabbits, including these American Chinchillas.

by Emily McNally and Ashley Baker

Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Br’er Rabbit, Thumper the Rabbit and more.  Rabbits are symbols of spring and trickster fun. Pre-Vet Small animal class had an up-close look at these furry creatures: 31 of them!

Patti Hubbard, a local rabbit breeder brought in a total of 13 different breeds, all in ONE classroom: one mother and nine baby American chinchillas, a male Californian, a white New Zealand, a black New Zealand, a male blue New Zealand, a red New Zealand, a black and white dutch, a chocolate dutch, a rex rabbit, a mini rex, a mixed rabbit with seven babies, and a male lion head. That was just half of what Hubbard owns.  Imagine driving down the highway with 30 rabbits in your car!

courtesy of Patricia Beachy
Devin Wynne and Catherine Amereihn pet a rex rabbit.

Hubbard introduced each bunny to the Pre-Vet class and told the students their breed and name.

There were so many rabbits that every student was able to hold an adult and a baby.

“Now who wants this one?” Hubbard said.

“Of course everyone’s hand shot up,” Ms. Patricia Beachy laughed.  Beachy expected Hubbard to bring in one or two rabbits. She never expected a classroom full of them.

“I always take animals to Catoctin High School because that was my home school, and I’ve known Beachy for years, so she called me up and asked me to bring them in,” Hubbard said. “I like doing it and educating the kids.”

courtesy of Patti Hubbard
A mother Californian rabbit sits by her babies.

Hubbard breeds the rabbits to sell for meat or to keep as pets.  Some students loved the bunnies so much that a couple were thinking about buying one. Two students, Jasmine Dickson and Danielle Palmer both purchased a bunny. These rabbits range from $20 to about $50, depending on if the rabbit is purebred or mixed, or if they will be used for showing.

“I bought a rabbit because they are very cute and active. I plan on entering my bunny into the Frederick Fair,” said Palmer.

“It was awesome for me to look into my classroom and see every single student holding a rabbit with a smile on their face,” Beachy said.

The following week, on Monday, April 15, Hubbard brought in a baby Nigerian Dwarf goat.

courtesy of Patricia Beachy
Mrs. Karstens holds Faline, the baby Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Faline, the baby goat, amused lots of teachers and students who stopped by for a hug.

Pre-Vet Small Animal class prepares students who are interested in getting into the veterinary industry.  The class learns a variety of small animal organ systems such as the muscular system, skeletal system, and digestive system. Some small animals they study include dogs, reptiles, bunnies, etc. They also learn about Animal Welfare and Animal Rights.  Students contribute in showing contests like the Frederick Fair, the Community Show, and recently the Soil Conservation Contest.

Mrs. Kim
First row, left to right- Mrs. Patti Hubbard, Mikayla Jordan, Madyson Hill, Samuel Wawrzyniak, Devin Wynne, Noah Nozal, Brianna Reyes, Alexander Flinchbaugh, Shea Cencula, Chloe Bremer, Jasmine Dickson, Brandi Stine, Cody Kline, Hannah Bowie, Chase Atchison, Rachel Miller, and Ms. Patricia Beachy.
Second row, left to right Katie Phebus, Brianna Mallick, Catherine Amereihn, Michael Noble, Bri Curtis, Emily DiPasquale, Madilyn Crawford, Danielle Palmer, Jenna Marsit each holding a rabbit.