Top 10 shows to binge watch in the new year


Erich Miller

top 10 shows to watch over break

by Emily DiPasquale, Reporter

While you wait for shows to come out with new episodes, you should watch the following shows. 

Here are some shows I recommend for you to binge watch in the new year!

10. Paradise PDThe Paradise PD head cop invites his son to join the force and they go on many different adventures to fight crimes. Kevin (the cop’s son) tries to show his dad he can be a cop just like he is and has to go through many undercover adventures to prove himself. All around, this show is funny if you like dark humor.

9. The Walking Dead –  The world goes under a zombie apocalypse and all of the citizens’ families die with only a few survivors left. All of the survivors come together to survive long past this drought. While watching it gets overwhelming because you bond with so many different characters and surprisingly enough, most of them die but you still pursue the show and develop other relationships with different characters. Nonetheless, there are many epic zombie battles which come to be pretty gory and intense.

8. Big Mouth Kids in middle go through puberty and discover new things about each other while going on crazy adventures in this series. Nick and Andrew are best friends who go through these adventures together. In the first season of this show, Andrew hits puberty first and gets his first hormone monster, Morty. Morty is a little inappropriate on some topics but at this age, a lot of people find it hilarious. During the second season, Nick finally hits puberty and gets his own hormone monster as well as seeing this new girl at school and both Nick and Andrew fall for her.

7. Stranger ThingsAfter the mysterious vanishing of a boy, the people of the small town uncover secrets of the government lab and portals to different worlds (among other things). The main group of kids all get together to uncover those mysteries which leads to great drama and a lot of episodes are left on cliffhangers which keep you watching.

6.Orange is the New BlackPiper Chapman is sentenced to fifteen months in prison from a crime committed in her youth and has to over come scary challenges in prison. At first, when she enters the facility she’s scared out of her mind and doesn’t know if she was going to survive. Piper Chapman falls in love with a women just as she did when she was younger and when she is about to get married to a man who she thinks she loves, fate pushes her back into meeting that same girl again and falls in love in a prison. Even though the prison isn’t the best place to make friends, everyone becomes friends.

5. TD DramaA show from my childhood where they gather a bunch of contestants to participate on the show. They do epic challenges and all become friends and then some enemies while they work against each other to win the money. The characters are all put into 4 categories: the weird ones, the hot girls, the nerds, and the hot guys, if they don’t fit into any of these groups… then they’re just crazy (like one of the characters you will meet).

4. Riverdale–  Riverdale is about kids in high school that go through some traumatic experiences and have some minor and major fights but help each other to solve the mysteries of their town. Mystical things happen within the town of Riverdale and secrets will be uncovered that leave you on a cliff hanger. Every scene gets your heart racing and you’ll never want to stop watching.

3. That 70’s ShowThis show is about a bunch of kids in high school growing up in the 70’s while sitting in Eric Forman’s basement going though life. They have all the friends you need: a dumb one, a smart one, a foreigner, a good looking one, a risk-taker, and a whiny one. The ending is quite sad, so be prepared to have your heart broken by some of the characters.

2. Friends– Everyone is still together; some have been friends their whole lives; others were friends through high school. The host is always Monica Geller along with her brother Ross Geller. The show is set in the coffee shop or at Monica’s. It’s interesting to see the changing relationships in this series. 

1. The Office – The The Office is one the world’s favorite shows and is a comedic whirlwind. It’s a show that presents everything that happens in an office and how they become a family over time. Michael Scott, the glue of everything, made the entire work office into a fun place for everyone to work. There happens to be some romantic scenes on the show as well, and, as you watch it, you get closer and closer to the couple.

Have a great time binge watching!