Album Review: Khalid lets loose in “Free Spirit”


graphic by Julie Walker

Khalid’s “Free Spirit” album cover.

by Madeline Williamson, Reporter

Khalid just came out with his second album called Free Spirit. I play his album, and I get the chills. When I first heard “Bad Luck,”I knew it was going to be a great. I couldn’t help but play his songs on repeat for a day. Khalid is America’s fourth most popular artist and never fails to amaze his audience with catchy songs.

Khalid has nine music awards, including two iHeart Radio awards for Best Album and Best R&B Artist, two Teen Choice awards for Best R&B/Hip-hop Artist and breakout artist, one MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist, one Billboard Music award for Best New Artist, one MuchMusic Video Award for Video of the Year, one American Music Award for Favorite Male Artist and, lastly, one NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Soundtrack Compilation.

He won his first award in 2017, and he’s only risen since then. His greatest award that he’s won was the Billboard Top New Artist. In addition to Free Spirit, Khalid has another album called American Teen which came out in March 3rd 2017. I like both albums equally because they both have different tones and beats. His newest album is more calm and chill while the last album is more up beat and poppy.

The theme of Free Spirit is to live life with no regrets and to live freely. His album is full of lyrics elaborating on the fact to live life to the fullest and to have fun. An example is the song “Paradise”.

“Paradise” talks about living in the moment and to forget about the past. The lyrics include “give it up for nights like this, don’t give into overthinking” These lyrics represent the theme of living in the moment.

Another song that follows the theme is “Free Spirit” this song is about living freely and loving more and caring less. Khalid shows that he wants to stay in the moment and leave the problems behind in the lyrics “…can you hear it calling? ‘Cause I don’t want to live no normal life, let go.” and “It’s the highs and lows with no clears…but we’re never runnin out, we’ll be free spirits” This song fits in perfectly with the album’s theme.

I like the song “Bluffin’” because of the super calm beat. This song is very calm and Khalid sings with a different tone then he does compared to the other songs on the track. This song is my favorite because it is different from some of the other songs on the track and has a beat that is easy to vibe along with.

The only song that I have to skip in the album is the song “Don’t Pretend”. Although it’s a good song, I feel like it’s just another ordinary pop song that I don’t look for when I listen to Khalid. I like Khalid because he does pop music with a twist and I felt like in that song it was missing the twist that I usually enjoy in his music.

A standout song that is like none of the other songs in the track is “Heaven”. This is a slower song and the artist sings with more soul. I like when he sings soulfully because it’s different than his other pop songs. Khalid is nothing like other artists in the pop industry because his music is more chill and something to vibe to. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy other pop artists, but they don’t have the same style of pop. Most pop artists entertain their audience by fast music and a strong beat.

Overall, I think that album is amazing and defies the status quo of pop music. I would definitely rate this album a 9/10 because each song is so amazing and so different in their own unique way. If you like pop music with a twist then this album is so for you.