Ryan Leyh aims to be first man in the Mr. Linganore 2019 competition

Arguably the first man on the football team, quarterback Ryan Leyh will be portraying humanity’s “first man” Adam in the March 9 competition, “A Night of Firsts.”

“My mom actually came up with it,” said Leyh. The Adam character, complete with fig leaves is his strategy.

“I think to win Mr. Linganore, you gotta be brave,” Leyh said.

Although Leyh’s father, Rob, supports the idea, he believes, “First Knucklehead would have been better.”

He believes his son can win. Rob Leyh said, “Ryan is a competitive goofball. What I mean is that he loves to compete at everything, but he’s not always serious. It’s a good combination.”

Rob Leyh also knows his son felt more compelled to participate in Mr. Linganore in order to win the trifecta of prom king, homecoming king, and Mr. Linganore.

Leyh has been involved with Mr. Linganore throughout high school. Leyh decided to compete in Mr. Linganore after being part of Nathan Lippy’s introduction last year. Lippy portrayed Robin Hood and Leyh portrayed Little John.

He is particularly excited for his introduction, “That’s kinda when everybody is focused on you,” said Leyh.

Leyh will be escorted by senior Mary Britton on his “Night of Firsts.” Leyh’s and Britton’s favorite part has been the dance practices.

According to Britton, Ryan is a much better dancer, “Ryan has way better hip movements than I do.”

Leyh enjoys being with all the contestants and “having a laugh with each other.” The preparation has also made Leyh realize that, Mr. Linganore is, “Less about competing against each other and more of everyone being there for each other.”

Leyh is nervous about the question and answer segment. Although the contestants are given the twelve possible questions in advance, Leyh hopes to give a thoughtful answer despite the pressure.

Leyh is also excited for the talent portion. “What could separate my ability to win from other people is probably gonna be my talent and how interactive it will be with the audience. I think the audience will like that,” Leyh said.

Ryan Leyh will be attending Shippensburg University to play football and is planning to major in business. Leyh is a three-year varsity quarterback, and led his team to a state championship in 2017.

Leyh’s football coach, Rick Connor said, “I could see myself voting for Ryan because I think he’ll be creative, I think he’s talented, and I think he’s a really nice kid.”

Leyh said, “My talent is top secret. You got to come watch Mr. Linganore on March 9 at 7p.m. to find out!”