Little Lancers take on kindergarten: Photo of the day 5/23/18


courtesy of Kate Lane

All 17 Little Lancers pose for graduation day.

by Ashley Martin, Reporter

Our favorite toddlers just took a bow and said goodbye. On May 22, 2018, nine preschoolers graduated from the Little Lancer Preschool program. Next year those students will be attending elementary school in Frederick County.

Twenty three seniors also received their 90-hour preschool certificate which allows them to teach preschool when they are 18. Four students received their 45-hour certificate, which means they are half way through the program.

Senior Kaycee Morris said, “The Little Lancer’s graduation was very special and recognized all the new upcoming kindergartners and also all the students that helped with them. Hopefully it gave them something to remember. Morris received her 90-hour certificate.

During the graduation each child was individually honored, and then the students in Child Development created a slide show presentation showing what they accomplished this year. At the end of the of the presentation,the new kindergartners had a celebration party, which parents of the children and seniors attended.

Now that the children have left, students in Child Development are working on different projects to finish off the school year. Child Development 2 is working on their author studies project. Child Development 1 works on their virtual prop box, and when it gets closer to the end of the year, the classroom must be organized and packed up.

Kate Lane said, ” It’s very different from any other class. In here, 1-2 days a week we are in the preschool working with the children. The other days of the week we are in the classroom side working on lesson plans, reflections, and long term projects.”