Barbagallo wins SGA 2018-2019 president: Congratulations new officers


SGA officers for 2017-2018.

by Sammie Hoefs and Tymira Davis

The SGA leadership for 2017-2018 is strong. They have arranged many major events including homecoming, Egg Nog Jog, blood drives, and prom.  

SGA voting for 2018-2019 was held April 8, and April 9. Students put up posters, and voting elections were through the SGA website

” This past year I was so proud of how everyone’s leadership in SGA has grown.” said Mr. Brown

SGA President 2018:  Dominic Barbagallo

Jack DuBro, Class of 2018 SGA president, hopes future leaders will be more active in events and take action to fit the student’s needs. He is very excited that Dominic Barbagallo won the office of President and feels he will be a great role model.

DuBro said, “Anyone who didn’t win should not be discouraged and stay involved in SGA. There will be more opportunities in the future and you will still have more options to choose from.”

In 2017-2018 Barbagallo was secretary for FCASC, and he ran for student member of the band. He wants to raise his experience and skills in leadership.

“I did not think I would get this far. It took a lot of communication, time, and motivation to get where I am. As president I want people to know that they can come talk to me about anything, and I’ll try my hardest to make a change. It was a very good election and, for the people who didn’t win, I want to tell you guys to stay in SGA. It is so fun, and there are still more opportunities coming your way.” said Barbagallo.

SGA Vice Presidents 2018:  Ashley Perise, Alex Ismael

They both helped each other to be Vice President. Ashley and Alex gained their votes by telling most of their friends and peers and soon the word started to spread.

“It wasn’t that hard for us to run, but it was a lot of work and patience. We advise everyone in SGA to stay in it and tell more people to join. We would like to say thank you to everyone that voted for us. If anyone has any problems they can come talk to us about anything, we would love to help,” said Perise and Ismael.

Class of 2021 President:  Brandon Neuman

For the Class of 2021, the president is Brandon Neuman. Neuman used to be president for his middle school class when he was in 8th grade. SGA election wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. To gain his votes, his friends help him pass out fliers and posters to help him. He enjoys helping people and talking to people about problems and fixing them.

“Running for president now wasn’t that hard, but I do want to stay in SGA and encourage others to do so. I motivate everyone to try for SGA and if you’re already in it, to stay. We have a very fun time helping each other out, just like we did with this election. The key part of running for any of these spots is to not give up,” said Neuman. 

2018-2019 SGA Officers

President: Dominic Barbagallo

V. President: Ashley Perise

V. President: Alex Ismael

Secretary: Erika Katsumoto

Treasurer: Caitlin Peigh

Parliamentarian: Katie Brengel

FCASC: Meghan Mong-Kerwin

Class of 2019

President: Shay Arneson

V. President: Jane Quackenbush

Secretary: Alec Deyaert

Treasurer: Charlie Rasmussen

Historian: Emily Wolfe

Class of 2020

President: Emily Webb

V. President: Luke Goundry

Secretary: Clare Beiter

Treasurer: Matthew Schiller

Historian: Taylor Ferguson

Class of 2021

President: Brandon Neuman

V. President: Jake Orlando

Secretary:  Charlotte Moore

Treasurer: Matthew Moyer