Students are beginning to further learn the fundamentals of Digital Photography: Photo of the Day 12/5/18


Ryan Sheehy

Tyler Jones beginning to apply emphasis to his project on Adobe Photoshop.

by Ryan Sheehy, Reporter

Digital Photography 1, taught by Mrs. Tracy Bozzonetti, is progressing in their own right from using the rule of thirds and optimal lighting in their photographs to more advanced projects featuring abstract concepts. These Digital Photography 1 students are displaying uses of emphasis and enhancing their skills of using Adobe Photoshop in a more efficient manner.

Tyler Jones, a member of the Class of 2023 said, “This class gives students a simple explanation of emphasis while applying this knowledge to further color images.”

Jones also said, “I love this class because the projects are simple but also look nice.”

Finding new ways to display emphasis through photography is not the only skill that students are learning. They are also beginning to learn how to take a still image and create a focal point.

Lindsey Green, a member of the Class of 2022, said, “We went to downtown Frederick. We took a photo of the main subject to focus on and took out the background to make the subject a sole focal point.”

Digital Photography teacher Tracy Bozzonetti said, “This class teaches you about the basic elements and principles of photography along with teaching students Photoshop techniques. This course teaches the essentials of Photography.”

Through Photoshop, students have learned how to perform basic operations such as resizing pictures, cropping pictures, and using layers. Now, students are learning advanced techniques such as selecting and isolating difficult images with jagged edges.

Learning fundamental skills in Photoshop can be of use to students taking Yearbook, Journalism, Digital Communications, or a further art class in the coming semester or future high school years.