French Honor Society begins celebration of French Week: Photo of the Day 11/2/18


Dana Kullgren

Sophomore Valerie McNeill applies a French flag temporary tattoo to celebrate French Week.

by Dana Kullgren, Reporter

November 1 is the first day of French Week, the national, week-long celebration of French language and culture in America. French Week was established in 2013 by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).

According to French teacher Madame Blonder, the purpose of French Week is “to promote the learning of French in schools and outside of the classroom.”

This week generally falls on the first week of November, but due to days off this year, French Week 2018 takes place on November 1-9.

The Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society) is busy planning this year’s French-themed activities at Linganore.

For the first day of French Week, students dressed in French colors (blue, white, and red) and got French flag temporary tattoos to raise awareness about the week. The activities for French Week this year are as follows:


  • FHS members Emily Wolfe, Rachel Morin, Ashley Perise, Valerie McNeill, Caitlin Peigh, Sofia Toccalino, and Dana Kullgren celebrate French Week in Madame Blonder’s classroom.

    11/1: Dress in French colors

  • 11/2: Nationwide Kahoot game during PREP
  • 11/7: French-influenced painting activity (After school)
  • 11/8: Making crêpes and learning French words (After school)
  • 11/9: Writing notes for teachers in French

Rachel Morin, the president of the French Honor Society, said, “I am most excited for all the fun activities with the honor society and spreading French culture around the school.”

Blonder said that students are excited to learn about and appreciate French in different ways. She said, during French Week, “We are in the mood to celebrate!”

Blonder also welcomes anyone who’d like to participate in this week’s activities to do so, regardless of their knowledge of French.

“French students should be ambassadors of French and promote French on their own without the help of teachers,” said Blonder. She said that each French student should encourage someone else to pursue French to spread their love of the language.

The French Honor Society’s motto is “La personne qui sait deux langues en vaut deux,” which translates to: “The person who knows two languages is worth twice as much.”

Whether you are a seasoned French student or just someone with a curiosity about the language, the French Honor Society encourages you to take this week to broaden your knowledge of French and to share your appreciation for it with those around you.