#LanceroftheWeek: Nicholas Paré, the next guitar hero

by Julie Walker, Reporter

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Nick Pare appears to be a quiet, humble, high school sophomore, but he has a knack for the wild side, traveling the country playing his guitar.

Pare is currently working on a solo album and recently went to Los Angeles to perform at a club called “The Whisky.” He performed with singer-songwriter Zakk Wylde and many other well known artists.

The Whisky has been an anchor on Sunset Strip since its opening in 1964. Thousands of bands and artists have there since 1964 like  Iron Maiden and  Faster Pussycat. It opened to serve the rock n roll community of Hollywood.

Pare plans to continue to pursue his budding music career, gain popularity and one day be famous. He continues to travel, perform, and be public on social media to grow his career.



How has music influenced your life?

“Music has influenced me so much to the point where it is what I do all day every day. It’s such a big part of my life. The only negative about it is that there isn’t any.”

How does this lifestyle influence your social life?

“Being a musician has opened me to a new social group; unfortunately, most of the people are never my age. It has entered me into a network of amazing entertainers and musicians, and I have grown to form a lot of new relationships. Its almost as if I see these people as more of friends rather then business partners.”

What does music mean to you?

“Not to sound cliche, but music is my outlet. I love it and I love every aspect of it. Not only listening to it, but writing it, playing it, performing it, and living it. It’s all great.”

Where have you performed?

“I spent a lot of time performing in London, England, Los Angeles, and everywhere along the Eastern shore.”

If you had the ability to change anything about the lifestyle you live, what would it be?

“If I could change anything about this lifestyle is that I would like to be able to be more introverted and keep more to myself. I don’t enjoy having to put myself out there on the media constantly.”

What are your favorite parts of being a musician?

“I love recording and writing music, doing live performances, and working on my up coming record deal. Although my absolute favorite part  would be hearing thousands of fans screaming for me.”

What are your least favorite things about being a musician and living this lifestyle?

“Honestly, there’s a lot of bad blood from old relationships, and it throws a wrench into the plan sometimes. It can make tensions really high and uncomfortable. I am also very uncertain about what kind of future I have in this business because nothing about fame is guaranteed.”

“Nick Pare is an incredibly talented young guitarist. His knowledge of the great players in their music is remarkable for a person his age, and hi is a very gifted rhythm player and soloist. He’s also beginning to develop a good singing voice. this kid is a rocker to his core, but he’s also smart and forward thinking enough to be open to any style of music as long as it’s high quality. I love working with him; he’s a sponge for new information and is super fun to be around,” said Kevin Lloyd, Linganore’s music teacher.

To keep up with his music career, follow @nicholas.pare on Instagram.




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