Learning Commons invites students to share what they are thankful for


Natalie Rebetsky

Jason Byrd, Alex Dembeck and Andrew Lyons share what they are thankful for.

by Josh Tidd, Reporter

November is the month of giving thanks and kindness. This is probably because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. At the beginning of the month, the library invited students to write down what they are thankful for and tape it to the window.

This gives students a opportunity to reflect and think about what makes them thankful.  This activity spreads positive thoughts and attitudes around the school because it makes people happy to talk about what they are thankful for.

Sophomore Jason Byrd who is a sports editor for Lancer Media said he is thankful for “God, family, friends and Journalism.” He said “Journalism is bigger than a class to me, it’s a career line.” Byrd also said it’s a good thing for students to share what they are thankful for “because certain values to people could be life changing.”

Mrs. Marsha Thompson, media specialist, created this window. She said, “I like the idea of interactive displays, and I thought this month would be a good opportunity to highlight our thankfulness.”

Thompson said she was thankful for being able to “Work in a school with dedicated, caring and talented students and staff.”