Gaver Farm: Fall is not complete without apple cider donuts


Ashley Nash

Apple Cider Donuts are fresh and ready for customers.

by Ashley Nash, Reporter

Gaver Farm is now open for the fall season. At Gaver Farm, visitors can pick their own pumpkins and apples; they also have a corn maze, slides, bakery, animals, and a giant pillow to bounce on. During the fall, they begin selling the world’s best apple cider donuts. These have been sold at Gaver Farm since 2012.

For six years, the apple cider donuts have been made at Gaver, and they are the most popular food item. A couple years ago, they added the pumpkin donut holes to the menu. The holes are popular but not quite as beloved as the apple cider ones.

Brian House, the concession manager, said, “The donuts are best fresh and hot right when you buy them. Heating them in the microwave for ten seconds is close to the real thing but not quite as good.”

House said that the origin of the cider donut idea was when the Gaver family went to a convention for farms that specialize in agritainment. The farms all shared the things that were working very well and the things that didn’t. At this convention they learned the recipe for the apple cider donuts; however, they improved upon the recipe it to make it their own.

The donuts are made with a batter, put into their ‘donut robot’, and then covered in cinnamon and sugar. The donut robot puts a even amount of dough into fryer, then flips them and pushes them out when they are complete. The process is done two at a time and takes about two minutes.

Ashley Nash
The ‘Donut Hut’ is where the donuts are made and sold.

These donuts are a personal favorite of mine, and  I make sure to buy some every time I go to Gaver Farm. Make sure that you get some before they are gone!  

Gaver Farm is in Mt. Airy close to New Market so it has a connection to Linganore High School. They also often hire students and graduates of LHS.

Allison Byrnes, Class of 2021 said, “The best thing about working at Gaver is the jumping pillow. It’s so much fun to see how much fun everyone is having.”

Getting into the farm activities is $13.50 on weekends and $9 on weekdays, and they are open every day from 6-10, shopping in the Farm Market barn is free to anyone. (And that’s where the donuts are!)

The farm has a very large corn maze that you could definitely get lost in, so be careful. Laura Gaver creates the design for the corn maze, and there is a new design each year. This year’s theme is “Barnyard Bash.”  It it has many types of animals cut into the corn paths.

Visitors can get an early start on Christmas with some of the items at the Farm Market.  After Thanksgiving, they kick into high gear preparing for Christmas with tree cutting and greenery. They have apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple cider slushies, apple pie, candy and caramel apples, and many types of fudge. The farm market also offers cash and carry pumpkins.

“Gaver is a fun place for families to come to in the fall to have a good time, pick pumpkins, and eat apple cider donuts.” said Maddy Spisso, Class of 2020, who also works at Gaver’s.

The farm was started by LHS graduates Michael Gaver and his wife Lisa in 1978 and the first sale was in 1984. In 2005 the Gaver family was the Frederick County Farm Family of the Year. In 2005 and in 2008 they received the Take Pride in America award. Michael and Lisa Gaver have two adult children and LHS graduates Laura and Greg. Laura married Brian House and their two children Hailey and Emma who carry on the Gaver farm tradition.

Taking a trip up to Gaver Farm and buying some donuts is definitely worth your time and money.