A Horror Story: 12 Days of Prom

by Kelsey Ward and Bridget Murphy


Forgot your prom ticket money? You are not alone. Prom seasons brings out the worst in everyone. With prom just 12 days away, it is starting to get frenzied. Dreams are often shattered. This is a horror story.

The countdown begins

12: You text your friends to see who is in your group and finalize your plans. Not everyone agrees on the plans, and no one wants to drive to prom. You don’t have enough people who will pay for a limo. Everyone scrambles to convince someone to drive. Nose goes.

11: Your potential date still hasn’t asked you to the dance. Should you ask him? Should you go alone? You’re starting to rethink everything. Just stay calm. Can a girl make a promposal?

10: Your group decides on a limo, and you start to collect money for it — but you’re $200 short! The deposit is due tomorrow, and you don’t know how you’re going to get the rest of the money together. No one wants to chip in more money.

9: You’re checking your Snapchat stories, and you see that a girl, an underclassman, has the same dress as you. You bought yours months ago. It’s the only thing you actually planned. You start freaking out! That dress cost $200. You fell in love with the dress when you first saw it.

8: Your date gets a blue tuxedo vest but your dress is green. The pictures will be awful! After the final fitting, it is too short and it is way too tight in the waist. A new dress would make everything easier. How to convince your mom to buy a new one?

7: Just one week left to go until what is supposed to be the best night of your four years in high school. You go to make your hair and nail appointment, but every place you call is booked. Maybe you can just do your own hair and paint your own nails.

6: The last six days have been a disaster, and it is only getting worse. Your date goes to the barber but gets the worst haircut you’ve ever seen. You think he should just cut it all off, but he likes it!

5: Your group still hasn’t decided on a place to take pictures. No one is offering to meet at their house. You call to double check your dinner reservation and the restaurant has no idea what you’re talking about. Everywhere else is already booked. Your group of 22 will probably just go to Chick-Fil-A or Chipotle.

4: The boys lacrosse game got rained out and is rescheduled for the day of prom. Your date won’t make it to pictures and might be late to dinner.

3: Your best friend calls you crying because her boyfriend broke up with her. He thinks they should each go alone to the dance. She talks to you for hours. Your best friend and her boyfriend had been dating for months. You have no idea what changed his mind. Should you call him?

2: Your date calls you and says that the corsage he got you is green, but now your dress is pink. You start to get a cough and a runny nose. You can’t be sick on prom day!

1: Today is the day! Your hair and makeup look nothing like what you wanted, and one of your acrylic nails broke. Your date is going to be late and your best friend doesn’t want to go. You still aren’t feeling any better.

The moral of the story:

You only get one prom (maybe two or three if you’re lucky). Stop sweating the small stuff. Focus on the memories, and not just yourself. Smile. Be safe. Have a good time!