Ashley Nash’s Top 10 Lancer Moments of 2018


by Ashley Nash, Reporter

Here’s a year of Lancer greatness in review.  I couldn’t include every great moment, but I tried to get one for each month.

February 4 :

The wrestling team made it to the dual meet  regional championship for the first time in school history. They faced Tuscarora High School and lost. However, this year they hope to grab a state championship and a few rings.

“Wrestling teaches you discipline, toughness, and the ability to rely on yourself. The majority of the sport is mental. If you’re confident, and believe your gonna win then you have a better shot to come out on top.” said Michael Bromley, Class of 2019.

March 3:

The Pom and Dance Team was at their third competition on March 3 at Fairmount Heights High School. The team received first place for their Lyrical and Kick routines and second for Short Pom. Kelsey Ward (lyrical) and Mary Taylor (kick) got first place captain. Their first competition this season will be January 26 at Marriotts Ridge.

“Being a captain also really helped me to practice my leadership skills. Now that I’m in college, poms is something that I really miss being a part of. I made the lyrical dance by listening to the music and choreographing what I felt would go with the music. It was difficult because there are a lot of things to think about like formations, levels, and groups. I probably worked on the dance a couple hours a week up until our first competition,” said Kelsey Ward, Class of 2018.

March 10:

Josh Watson was crowned winner at the annual Mr. Linganore talent competition. The theme of this year’s competition was XXL: Larger than Life. Contestants had to choose a character they thought was “larger than life.” Josh chose to portray the Fonz. For Watson’s talent, he performed an original jazz piece with Alex Tran, David Wallace, and Matt Carney. He also helped Andrew Nash with his Spice Girls “Wannabe” routine, Watson portrayed Baby Spice.

“Winning Mr. Linganore was an amazing way to cap off my senior year. Scorekeeping as an underclassman, I always viewed the competition as ‘larger than life,’ making last year’s theme especially fitting for me. Winning was surreal and something I will never forget,” said Watson, Class of 2018. Look for Mr. Linganore plans for 2019 in early January.

November 1-3:

The school play Almost, Maine in opened November 1. The play featured small scenes woven into a love story. 

Student director Presley Dougherty said, “I’ve been apart of every play and musical at Linganore and I have to say this show was my favorite. I love acting, but directing this show has been a phenomenal experience.”


November 3-4:

Grace Winpigler won $500 and first place overall at the Scholastic Competition at Shippensburg College for her ceramic piece. Third place went to Collen Avila and Shelby Tkacik got fourth place.

November 10:

Boys cross country team takes home second place at the state meet. Team member Michael Belmaggio got first place, Carson Buck earned sixth, and Will Coffi received ninth. Centennial took home first place, but the Lancers were close behind them.

“I worked hard all year to eventually come in sixth overall at the state meet and got all county honors, which is a big deal for me,” said Carson Buck, Class of 2020.

November 29:

Student Voices had their first meeting on November 29. This all day group session was learning to try to “unite Linganore as one”. Later in the year they will have another meeting with three others schools to try to bring everyone together as a county. The gathering was run by FCPS leadership including Eric Louérs, Toby Huesser, Colleen Bernard, and James Hines.

November 29:

Linganore Lancers lost the State championship game in the last two seconds to Franklin High School. Final score was 14-17. Sad loss but great achievements. Last year they beat Milford Mill High School to become the 3A Maryland state champs. This year they unfortunately came up short. This was their third state appearance in the last 4 years.

“There will be a lot of changes next season, we will work hard to try to make it back to the Navy stadium and finish what we started” said Dustin Keith, Class of 2020.

December 15:

The Academic Team goes on the local television “It’s Academic” and wins against Lansdowne and Mt. St. Joseph. The team is coached by Christopher Hahn. The three students who competed were Gunnar Eklund, Dana Kullgren, and Gerald Fattah. They went into the last question with five seconds left and 460 points and Mt. St. Joe with 470. Eklund buzzed in for the last question and got it right, gaining the last 20 points. The final score was Linganore with 480 points, Mt. St. Joe with 470 and Lansdowne with 260.

December 19:

Lancer Media so far has been awarded four out of six Best of SNO Badges, and they are currently working toward the final two to become a SNO Distinguished Site for the fourth consecutive year. So far they have received Excellence in Writing, Audience Engagement, Site Excellence Badge, and Continuous Coverage. The current stories who have received Best of SNO are written by Beau Cameron, Rachel McCoy, and Alex Dembeck.