Welcome Class of 2021: How to PREP in high school

by Beau Cameron , Managing Editor

Welcome Class of 2021:  In the fall of 2016, Linganore introduced a preparatory period, or PREP (Preparation, Resource, Enrichment, Practice). In simplest terms, PREP is a daily study hall. Students have thirty minutes between periods two and three to work on homework, class assignments, or other work. Students without any work can read or socialize.

Similar to an advisement period, PREP is a time for distributing papers such as report cards and testing packets. At the end of the period, the daily video announcements are played on the projector, providing information on lunch schedules, sports games, and other important upcoming events. Students interested in becoming involved with the announcements should speak with Mr. Pat Green.

Class of 2019 Colleen Avila said, “PREP is useful for me because it allows me to do homework, which lessens the load I have to do at home. I also use PREP to work on art projects.”

PREP can function as an in-school tutoring period. Teachers can pull students to their classrooms to make up assignments or to study. There is an online database through which teachers request students and PREP teachers check off when they have been sent and received by the teacher. Many AP teachers have large group study periods where they review material during PREP as a way of preparing students for AP and standardized testing.

Students must request that the teacher pull them, however, if they need tutoring. For general tutoring, you can sign up to be pulled by Mrs. Mary Jo York, Linganore’s tutoring specialist. The Media Center can also pull groups of students who need time to collaborate on projects. Sign ups for this are at the front of the Media Center information desk.

On Friday of most weeks, PREP acts as a time for clubs to meet. Clubs are split into three groups: A, B, and C. A Clubs meet on A weeks, B clubs meet on B weeks, and C clubs meet on C weeks. If there is no school on Friday of B week, then C clubs will still meet the next week.

“For me, PREP is a time to call in students with sports who couldn’t come after school or need to make-up tests. During AP season I’d call kids for content review or review games so that they could get extra studying in before the test,” said Mrs. Michelle Richardson who teaches government and AP World History.

For students with after-school activities such as sports practices, play practice, or club meetings can utilize this period. During busy seasons such as tech week, performers are at school until 8 p.m. Sports championships can go on throughout all of Saturday and Sunday with back to back games.

Sarah Buckley, Class of 2019, said “PREP helps me because I can do homework and talk to teachers in school instead of staying after. Sometimes with rehearsals and extracurriculars I don’t get home until after 9 at night. With PREP, my homework is already finished so I have more time to sleep and I don’t stress about it.”

Days with two-hour early dismissals do not have a PREP period. Students who take advantage of PREP can avoid falling behind, even if their after-school schedules are hectic.