Rite of passage–Upperclassmen line up to buy parking permits: Photo of the Day 9/7/17


Natalie Rebetsky

Presley Dougherty, junior, in line to submit her parking permit application to Mrs. Debbie Day.

by Emily Reed, Editor-in-Chief

The early bird gets the worm. New this year– parking permits are zoned by color. White and black stickers indicate permission to park in the front lot. Red and grey stickers are for the back lot, near the stadium.

To apply for a parking permit, students must complete an application (found in the office or online), a current registration for the primary vehicle a student drives, a student’s valid driver license, and a $20 permit fee.

Permit may not be loaned, shared, re-sold, or changed in any way. If a student is caught violating this rule, it results in an automatic withdrawal of the student’s permit without refund. Permits are to be kept facing forward and hanging from the rear view mirror.

Class of 2019 member, Alex Ismael, bought the first parking permit of the year. He stopped by the office a few days before school started and guaranteed an upper lot parking spot.

However, senior Hunter Kline said, “To most people, it doesn’t matter what lot they get as long as they’re with their friends.”

Students can choose any zone as long as there are available spots.

Clerical assistant, Mrs. Rose Shapiro said, “The spaces are filling up fast so get your parking permits as soon as possible!”