Princesses of Mr. Linganore dance their way into your hearts


Natalie Rebetsky

Like his character, Prince Charming, Anthony Sparacino stoops to buckle partner Ashley Yurich’s dance shoes.

by Emily Reed and Cindy Zheng

Now it’s time for the princesses to steal the spotlight.

On March 1, the ladies tried on their waltzing dresses for the competition and chatted about the event.

Mackenzie Domroe, escort for Spencer Young, said, “I loved learning the waltz but I hated spinning!”

Later, Young jokingly said, “She’s actually a better dancer than I thought.”

Anthony Sparacino and Ashley Yurich said, “Learning to dance together has been fun because it’s a new experience that we haven’t had before.”

While the waltz has been one of everybody’s favorite parts, it’s definitely a source of anxiety for the ladies.

Ines Garofolo, partner Jacob Frey, said, “I’m nervous about tripping in heels.”

Marin Sheehy, Harry Rasmussen’s partner, said, “I’m afraid of messing up the waltz on stage.”

Ally Graziano, Tyson Tregoning’s partner, said, “I’m afraid of falling off the stage!”

Besides the waltz, the pairs are excited for the event, just 48 hours away.

Graziano said, “My favorite part of Mr. Linganore has been spending time with people I don’t usually hang out with.”

Allyson Dongarra, Nick Bennett’s partner, said, “I enjoyed watching Mrs. Rebetsky dance and learning the choreography from her.”  Everyone teases Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky, the co-coordinator of the event, because she teaches the “It’s Raining Men” finale dance number, but Rebetsky admits to having no skill and little rhythm.

All of the ladies have enjoyed being a part of Mr. Linganore and appreciate the hard work that everyone has put into the competition.

Eileen Rich said, “I think my guy [Lincoln Robisch] will have the best talent. He’s bound to wow the judges.”

Domroe said, “I was surprised that he’s [Spencer Young] taking this seriously: he’s a real competitor.”

Come out and see the Mr. Linganore competition Saturday at 7:00 p.m.! Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Cindy Zheng
Mr. Linganore ladies jump for joy.