Jac Medve will ‘sea’ you at Mr. Linganore

by Grace Weaver, Editor-in-Chief

The 18th Annual Mr. Linganore contest “It’s a Royal Affair” will be on March 4 at 7:00 p.m. Lancer Media is covering each of the contestants leading up to the big day.

One of the 12 contestants for the crown, Jac Medve is going to be portraying King Neptune. He will be escorted by Caitlin Caffery.

“I chose this character because I love to swim, and I work at a pool as a lifeguard, ” said Medve.

Medve’s favorite part of the competition has been laughing at the other contestants and himself for trying to learn the dances. He is excited about all the memories being made with the other contestants and the tuxedo competition.

After attending Mr. Linganore Medve’s freshman year he knew he wanted to do it when he was a senior. “I knew that I wanted to be involved once one of the contestants sang an original titled ‘My Linganore High’ to the tune of ‘American Pie’.”

Medve thinks his talent is going to give him an advantage over the other contestants. “My talent has a special secret that brings you back to elementary school. You see how I’ve changed, but with a laugh,” he said.

One of the components of the Mr. Linganore competition is the lunchtime competitions. The contestants try to complete tasks the week before the competition, to earn points before the competition even starts. Medve believes that he will be best at the gumdrop tower competition where the contestants use gumdrops and toothpicks to build the tallest stable tower.

He’s a part of the Student Government Association, National Honor Society, and the Tribe.

Medve plans to study finance and political study and then continue his education into law school.