Homecoming 2017: Linganore tradition is made of red, black, and bows


Beau Cameron

Allie Hudson wears the bow dress at homecoming 2017

by Beau Cameron, Bailey Davis, Jacob Blue, and Emily Webb

The final day of Spirit Week and the day of Linganore’s pep rally is “Red, Black, and Bow Day”, where students can earn points for their class by wearing red and black clothing, and an extra point for each individual bow.

In an effort to make sure that the senior class wins the spirit stick at the end of the week every year, the Band Bow Dress is passed down through senior flutists in the flute section of the band.

“Originally, the purpose of the dress was to win the spirit stick. Now, the purpose is to be the coolest band person,” said Class of 2018 member and current dress-wearer, Ally Hudson

The dress is covered with over 2,000 bows; this year, it contained 2,018 to represent the senior class’ graduation year. Each year, as the dress is passed down to the next upcoming senior, one bow is added.

Hudson said, “As far as I know, the tradition of the Bow Dress has been going on for three years, this would be the fourth year.” Class of 2015 member and Drum Major in the LHS Band, Julia Peigh, was the creator and first wearer of the dress.

“The dress is most important because it symbolizes the determination of Linganore students, and if we have to stay up for weeks to hot glue over 2,000 bows on a dress, then that’s what we’re going to do,” said Hudson.