Building a show: Tech rehearsals begin for the Giver


courtesy of Macy Armagost

The crew of The Giver, disassemble old set pieces.

Preparation for this year’s fall play have begun. Actors started rehearsals October 25, and the technical crew began working on October 29.

The many jobs outnumber the actors: builders, run crew, painters, set designers, makeup crew, and more. Even though you might not be seeing them on the stage, you can definitely see them working their magic off stage.

The first step in the production was to disassemble old pieces of sets from previous shows. People were painting, unscrewing, and building. The day was also used for showing the new team members what technical production is all about.

Autumn Frazier said, “I absolutely love doing tech! We’re a tight-knit community, and we’re honestly like one big happy family. We may argue, but we all love each other.”

Julia Lizmi said, “I had a fun time and met a lot of new people”

The show will begin the 16th-19th of November. Tickets will be on sale soon