Officer Brooks returns to home base in Mt. Airy


Kelsey Ward

Officer Brooks speaks to LHS journalism about the new Mt. Airy police department.

by Allyson Duda and Alexis Fowler

Officer J.D. Brooks, a 1996 graduate, is one of the ten new policemen opening the first Mt. Airy police department. 

Brooks, a 13-year Taneytown police veteran, is excited to be part of this new venture to build a new police force from the ground up. Most everyone at the police department has their own responsibilities, and Brooks is the Public Information Officer(PIO). Within this role he talks to a variety of newspapers, news stations, and anyone needing the police on different police matters.

Brooks prepares for work by “Preparing for personal interaction.”

Brooks knew from the time he was a young child that he wanted to be a police officer. Growing up watching his two uncles, who were police officers in Connecticut, Brooks was able to learn first-hand what it was like to be a police officer during the long days of summer. After talking to his wife for almost six months, Brooks finally made the decision to follow his dreams.

During his time at LHS, Brooks was very much involved. He played varsity soccer for three years, basketball, and baseball. Mr. Sunkel was one of his favorite teachers. Brooks even remembers going to the Mt. Airy Pizza Hut after football games. Even though he wasn’t the most popular kid in school he always treated others the way he wanted to be treated.

Brooks says that he wants to tell students that they should always be cautious of what is going on and not to fall to peer pressure.

Mt. Airy is a unique town itself because of being it at the intersection of route 27 and interstate 70. This  causes an easy way for drugs including heroin and cocaine to be transferred.

Chief Douglas Retiz, who leads the ten-person team, said “We are here to build trust and relationships in the community.”