Podcast: Battle of the Fans–Who is better? Swift or Grande


by Lily Weaver and Mallory Maher

Throughout many lunch and class discussions of who is better, Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, the two biggest fan girls, Mallory Maher and Lily Weaver, finally put this argument to a rest. At least everyone hopes.

Maher is definitely Swift’s biggest fan girl, while Weaver is definitely Grande’s.

Listen to the podcast to get caught up on both artists.

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Here’s the shortened script of the podcast. Listen to the podcast to hear the full argument!

WEAVER: I’m Ariana’s biggest fan

MAHER: and I am definitely Taylor Swift’s biggest fan.

W: I’ve been to two of Ariana’s tours and two of Taylor Swift’s. I’ve been to the Speak Now Tour and RED Tour of Taylor Swift’s and the Dangerous Woman Tour and the Honeymoon Tour of Ariana’s.

M: I have been to two of Taylor Swift’s tours. I went to the RED Tour and 1989 Tour of Taylor’s and have never been to an Ariana concert.

W: Taylor is really good at performing her songs and is really good at introducing her songs, but I think Ariana has better choreography.

M: Taylor Swift’s are more theatrical and is more of a performance not just basic singing and dancing and there is more acting involved.

W: Well it is called a concert. Ariana has three main albums the Yours Truly, My Everything, and Dangerous Woman. And two Christmas albums, Christmas and Chill and the Santa Tell Me album.

M: She’s a very Christmas spirit. Well it’s not really Christmas it’s more like Swiftmas. Taylor Swift has five main albums, Taylor SwiftFearless, Speak Now, RED, and 1989. She also has a Christmas album.

W: Ariana’s Yours Truly was 1x platinum, My Everything was 2x platinum, and Dangerous Woman was 1x platinum.

M: Taylor’s Taylor Swift album was 5x platinum, Fearless was 7x platinum, Speak Now and RED were both 4x platinum and 1989 was 6x platinum.

W: How old was she when she started her music?

M: She was 16 when her first album came out. When Taylor Swift was a teenager she convinced her parents to move to Nashville because she really wanted to have a music career and from there she got signed and such. You think Ariana is better than Taylor?

W: Yes definitely better than Taylor even though this didn’t prove it there are other ways I can prove it

M: Everyone has their own opinion and it is very difficult to change other people’s minds as we have learned through our many different debates. Both are great artists.

W: They deserve what they have.

M: Great role models, and both have worked hard to get where they are today.