One (Not So) Normal Night: singing in the Addams Family


Maddie Frick

Sarah Maerten, playing Alice Beineke, sings her solo in her song “Waiting.”

The weekend of April 7, 8 and 9,  the theater department is putting on the acclaimed musical,  Addams Family. The musical has many moving parts including dancing and acting, but it is the singing that ties the plot together and paints the stage with sound.

Music teacher Damon Dye has been helping the leads and ensemble get in tune as the show’s musical director. He conducts the pit orchestra to get the instrumentals perfect along with the singers.

“He is really good at helping people who are not normally singers find their voice,” said Emma Wynkoop who plays Wednesday Addams.

Emma has been working especially hard on her solo song “Pulled which is about her character, Wednesday, getting pulled in a new direction.

“In most songs I have the rest of the ensemble to help back me up,” said Wynkoop, “but in “Pulled” I am all by myself.”

Wynkoop played Liesel last year in the Sound of Music and is excited for this slightly more mature role. The show as a whole is darker, yet less serious. It is fair to say it is creepier and kookier; mysterious and spookier than last year’s show.

“’One Normal Night will surely be an audience favorite, but ‘Crazier Than You’ is by far my favorite the scene surrounding the song is hilarious and the song itself is fun and upbeat,” said Wynkoop.

“Crazier Than You” is one of the funniest songs in the show. Lincoln Robisch and Sarah Maerten, who play Mal and Alice Beineke, insert hilarity into the conversational song. The husband and wife characters try to one up each other, and the comedy is overwhelming.

“The song is so fun to be a part of. Sarah and I work together really well and the action makes the humor go beyond just the words in the song,” Robisch said. “At the middle school show we got the most laughs during that song.”

The Addams Family has 21 songs. Some songs, like “Trapped,” are personal ballads about one character’s struggles. While others songs, like “Crazier Than You,” serve as a conversation between characters. The music in the show as a whole is classically musical with big group numbers featuring powerful solos. That classic musical feel is complimented by the huge dance numbers which the songs are sung during.

The Addams Family will open on April 6th at 7:00 PM. Hear Wednesday sing ‘Pulled’, ‘One Normal Night’ and many other songs performed by The Addams Family cast throughout this fun show. Shows are also on April 7 at 7:00 PM, April 8 at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM, and April 9 at 2:00 PM. Tickets can be bought online or at the door.