Movie Review: Happy Death Day – emphasis on happy not scary


Advertisement for Happy Death Day.

by Lindsey Russo, Reporter

Get up. Live Your Day. Get Killed. Again.

Happy Death Day (PG-13) is a mystery/thriller movie that came out Friday, October 13th. A girl named Tree, played by Jessica Rothe, has a normal day, with a twist.

Tree wakes up in a dorm room of a young man named Carter who is confused when she wakes up and is curious as to why she’s in his room.

What the audience realizes is that the character gets killed every day.  Viewers see her wake up in Carter’s room every morning, over and over,  and Tree needs to stop the madness – stop her own death. She experiences the events of the same day, only to get killed again. This movie is a lot like Groundhog Day.

The day keeps repeating, and Tree is confused as to why she keeps waking up in the same place. For the viewer, the main premise is Tree’s confusion.  She tries to make sense of her own murder.

Tree arrives back at her sorority house and the queen bee of the sorority, Danielle, played by Rachel Matthews, and Tree’s roommate Lori. Lori has baked Tree a single cupcake for her birthday with a candle on the top, and she tells Tree to make a wish. Each time, the cupcake scene changes and even becomes part of the murder.

The murderer every time is a person in a mask that looks like a large baby face with only one front tooth.  That sounds kind of funny, but it’s really creepy.  The viewers always see him sneak up on her and raise a large knife.  Because we can see him coming, the only one who is scared is the actress herself.

An important detail is that Tree is a mean girl who has a lot of enemies, which means it takes a long time to discover her murderer because a lot of people could want to kill her.

Tree has to learn a lesson about herself–how to be a decent human being.

This movie is a lot like Groundhog Day because both movies involve reliving one day. Groundhog Day is a comedy, and Happy Death Day also has some comedy.

On Rotten Tomatoes the average rating is a 6/10 which is a 66% on the site, but the audience score is an average rating of 3.7/5 which is 72%.

I think the movie is falsely advertised because all of the trailers and reviews made it seem as if it was a horror movie, but it isn’t scary. I would recommend this movie to anybody who wants to watch a horror movie that isn’t heavy on horror.  It’s also great for someone who enjoys comedy movies with a twist.

I think to make this movie better it would have to be scarier while the background music makes it more of a thriller. There aren’t many jump-scares.

This movie was released in the perfect time for the Halloween season as many people like to watch a horror movie during this time. Friday the 13th was a great release day for this movie because people wanted to do something scary on this “spooky” day.