Hunted: Fugitives run for fun and money


The show airs at eight o’clock on Wednesdays night on CBS.

by Brandon Cooper, Editor

Hunted is the newest reality show on CBS. It involves nine duos, couples or friends, and they voluntarily become fugitives to be hunted by “hunters.” The hunters are comprised of former members of intelligence agencies such as, the FBI and CIA.

If you liked the short story”The Most Dangerous Game,” you’ll love this new show. The goal is to last 28 days evading the Hunters and win $250,000 with only having 500 dollars that the ycan take out of ATM’s in increments of 100. Meanwhile, there is an office located centrally, and they are communicating with the teams of Hunters on the ground. The fugitives have 100,000 square miles of space to hide in the southern United States: cities, woods, anywhere.

Robert W. Clark is the commander of the hunters. He retired from the FBI after years of local and federal law enforcement. This included working in the gang and violent crimes units. Before becoming an FBI agent, he formerly worked as a police officer. His experience makes the hunt more suspenseful. This is some nasty hide and seek. 

Other members of the Hunters include Myke Cole, who has worked as a highly skilled Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for several military and law enforcement agencies, and Charles Barber, who started his cyber analyst career in the US Army working as a Senior Signals Intelligence analyst. In addition to those members, Lenny Depaul who is head of operations and former commander of the US Marshalls is a big part of the team. Although these men are smart, the audience is on the edge of their seats rooting for the fugitives.

The first appearance on the show and my own personal favorite duo are David Windecher and Emiley Cox. Windecher is a former convict and now works as a criminal defense attorney. His street smarts are allowing them to do well in the show so far. Cox is an online clothing boutique owner and is a loyal partner. The have survived five episodes, but the hunters are on their trail.

This show is full of intensity and heart-stopping moments. Scenes when the fugitives get caught and the near misses the fugitives experience are some of the intriguing elements of the show.

Although some fugitives are caught fairly quickly, others are doing well staying incognito. Minutes into the show you find yourself on the edge of the couch rooting for your favorites.