LHSsees2020: Juliet Jackman goes from Lake Linganore to Lakeland


Knowing she wanted to attend a school in Florida, Juliet Jackman is feeling very excited to attend Florida Southern College this August.

The  Scholars Weekend at FSC allows possible students to spend a weekend on campus to meet other students and get a feel for what being a Water Moccasin is all about. “My deciding factor was Scholars Weekend because it helped me really just feel that FSC was right for me–plus I met my roommate who made me even more excited to go there.”

It was the beautiful campus and short distance to fun destinations such as the beach and Disney World  that first caught Jackman’s interest. “I love the whole campus. It’s beautiful. It sits right on Lake Hollingsworth, which is huge!”

Jackman is looking forward to getting involved on campus. She hopes to rush a sorority and  join as many clubs as she can, “I also want to get a campus job. My first choice is to be a tour guide.”

Planning to major in business administration and minor in multimedia or political science, Jackman cannot wait to start her next adventure and officially become a Florida Southern Water Moccasin.