Girl’s Lacrosse gets ready for the season with a play day at Oakdale: Photo of the Day 3/14/2016


courtesy of Sarah Roetry

The Varsity Lacrosse team takes a selfie after a long days work.

by Grace Weaver, Editor

With the start of a new season the girl’s lacrosse program is ready to get into action.

On March 12, 2016 the players went to Oakdale to face off against Boonsboro, Urbana, and Sherwood. While the Varsity team didn’t have any luck this weekend, the JV team pulled away with one win.

This was the first time that the players were playing all together and not just scrimmaging each other. They got to work as a team, get familiar about what was going on, and learn some of the rules.

The Varisty team includes:

Adriana D’amore, Ally Graziano, Bre Wade, Emily Daly, Emma Roerty, Grace Weaver, Hannah Lemen, Kiley Corss, Laura Glawe, Lily Eisenhart, Lindsey Novesal, Madi Davies, Michaela Metcalf, Morgan Eisenhauert, Sarah Roerty, and Shea Stewart

The varsity team has improved since last year’s record, 2-15. Goalkeeper Glawe said, “This season is going to be the best one of the best ones yet because of all the work we have put in on and off the field.”

Before the season, the girls had two indoor sessions at the Frederick Indoor Sports Center to help them get back in the lacrosse groove.  True AP training after school helped them get back their speed and endurance they may have lost in the off season, and they had optional practice put on by the team leaders to meet up and get to know everyone.

The Varsity team is coached by Jackie Sowers and Hanna Wharton. The JV team is coached by Courtney Ginsberg and Julie Desmond.

The girls on both teams are looking forward to a great rest of the season. Their first game is on March 21, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the stadium against South Carroll. Come out and support them!!