Top Ten of 2016: Make or Break Fashion Trends

Top 10 fashion trends of 2016.

Emily Sherwood

Top 10 fashion trends of 2016.

by Emily Sherwood, Reporter

Throughout 2016, I have seen many questionable fashion trends, some questionably good, and some questionably bad. However, there are ten trends that have stuck out the most this year, not just in school but on social media also.

10: Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks– you can’t just have one. They’re seen everywhere from social media, school, to young people all around the country. Makeup gurus love these lipsticks, and they usually have one to match everything. A popular brand of these lipsticks is Stila, a brand that offers a bunch of different colors and collections. They sell both liquid and non-liquid lipsticks, which makes them flexible with different makeup looks and outfits.

9: Two-piece Matching Outfits

The best thing about two-piece matching outfits? You can mix and match the tops and bottoms into other outfits. In these outfits, the top and bottom are both the same color as each other and they can come in the form of pants and a crop-top, or a skirt and a crop-top. They’re also sold as separates, meaning you have to buy the top and the bottoms, which also means you don’t have to buy the whole outfit. Charlotte Russe is popular in selling two-piece outfits, so if you’re looking to buy one they have varieties of them to choose from.

8: All White Sneakers

Whether it be Nike’s or Converse, both girls and guys are sporting this trend. Along with Nike socks, these shoes are worn in many different ways. They’re worn with dresses, sweatpants, leggings, and jeans. They can be worn to pull off a cute, athletic look, or a comfy and preppy look. The “need-to-have” Nike’s are around $100, while the all white converse are around $50.

7: Velvet

The fabric is adored by many teenage girls. It is worn in the form of dresses, shirts, two-pieces, and many more. Most fashion stores sell them now, and they are popular during the colder season. Looking back on 2016, you’re sure to see velvet everywhere this season.

6: Alex and Ani Bracelets

These one-charmed bracelets are very popular. They are usually worn in a group of three, four or more bracelets, and if you look around your school, you’re sure to see at least a few girls wearing them. The charms on these bracelets are there to represent a certain aspect of someone’s life. They vary from letters, such as your first initial, or a picture of, say, a specific animal that has special meaning. They cost around $30, and can be purchased in many local stores.

5: Chokers

Teenage girls seem to adore the extra addition to their outfits and these can be worn in many styles, which is why girls love them so much. There are a variety of them to choose from, which includes all black, ones with charms, and even velvet ones. Nearly all fashion stores like Forever 21 and American Eagle sell these in the jewelry section.

4: Highlighter

No, no, not the marker. The not-so-new fashion trend is loved by makeup finatics everywhere. It comes in all different colors and it adds an extra “pop” to people’s daily makeup routine. We’ve all heard of “contour”, where you add bronzer to certain parts of your face to make your features stand out more. Highlighter is the extra ‘oomph’ needed to accentuate the face.

3: Boots

Although Uggs are still in, there are hundreds of styles of boots, all popular among girls and guys. The boots that have become most popular are Timberland, equestrian boots, ankle booties, and thigh-high boots. Girls everywhere are wearing them in many different styles, with many different outfits. Among social media, you will see the most popular are the lace-up thigh high boots.

2: T-shirt dresses

Instead of wearing a long t-shirt with leggings, or a normal dress, a new dress has been discovered. The “t-shirt” dress just looks like a long t-shirt. This dress can be worn in just about any season, and styled in any way because it’s just a t-shirt, which is what makes it so popular. Girls can dress it up by wearing boots or heels, or they can dress it down by wearing Converse or flip-flops.

1: Claws

“Claws” are long, acrylic, oval-shaped nails. If you see girls going to get their nails done, they’ll probably walk out of the salon with claws on. They are a trend that can be seen in all four seasons. A full set of these nails can range anywhere from $25 or more. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your fashionista friend, a gift certificate to your local nail salon would do just the job.