Shadowhunters series: Top 5 reasons to watch the new show

by Sydney Rossman, Editor

Channel: Freeform (Use to be ABC Family)

Time: 9:00pm

First Episode: January 12, 2016

Second Episode: January 19th

Third Episode: January 26th

Action, Drama, Fantasy

In late November I wrote an article about The Mortal Instruments, the first book (and the movie made from the book) in the Shadowhunters series.

On Tuesday January 12 at 9 pm, fans of the Mortal Instruments Series got to see the bestseller made into a show called Shadowhunter: The Mortal Instruments that airs on Freeform (previously ABC Family).

The show is set around New York where the main character Clary Fray lives with her mother, Jocelyn. When Clary loses the one thing she cares about (her mother), it will bring her to who she really is, a Shadowhunter. She meets new friends who help her find her loved one. She digs up secrets that should have been left alone. Join the exciting adventures of the Shadowhunters.  Although the first episode didn’t thrill me like the book series, that should not deter the uninitiated.  It’s a great adventure of a show.


The make-up artist did an amazing job in making the runes look so realistic. (Runes are like very deep tattoos–branded on the skin.) It really looked like they burned them into their skin. In the movie released in 2013,  they made the runes look like tattoos, not burn marks. The best makeup job is Brother Jeremiah because his eyes and mouth are sewed shut.  (Gross–but interesting.)

The guys

For all the ladies out there reading this, the show has very good-looking actors with fit and muscular bodies.  The show cast Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis, my favorite.  As Simon, he looks more attractive that the original book series described.


In the first show, there were only two transformations, and the first one you saw looked like one of sci fi’s monster parodies because it looked like a giant sea worm. The second transformation was much better. In the second episode every Twlight fan who was part of Team Jacob will be pleased to know that there will be wolves in the show.


I thought they did a great job at matching the characters’ personalities to their clothing. The best costume was Alec’s because his was a combination of prep with a dash of bad boy. He wore all black and still made it look right.

Dramatic scenes

Throughout the show, we get a glimpse a lot of characters. Some characters are a lot more dramatic than others. Clary is very emotional in the first two episode. In the first episode she cries–a lot. Alec develops a strong dislike for Clary, which is amusing. The most entertaining scenes are with Valentine and his angry issues.

If you want to get caught up on the show, then visit Freeform or download the free app. The third episode will premiere on Tuesday 26th.