People you need to know to stay on the right side and bright side of learning

by Olivia DuBro and Jackson Kinsey

All members of the Linganore High School staff are important, but their are a few people you will have to become acquainted with at one point or another. It’s good to get familiar with these friendly faces as soon as possible. 

keen copygraphic by Jeweliana Hendrickson

David Kehne

Mr. Kehne is in charge of the cooperation of the entire school. He is the face of Linganore High School and keeps things running smoothly. He is the commander in chief, and He also handles some disciplinary actions. You can find him socializing with students in the hall, in the cafeteria, or in his office.


Copy-of-blumgraphic by Jeweliana Hendrickson
Class of 2019 Counselor

Ilana Blum

Mrs. Blum is the student services counselor for the freshman class. She can help with schedule changes, but also can serve as an emotional counselor or mediator. If you need someone to talk to, her door in the Student Services office (between the staircases) is always open. It is best to make an appointment with her during lunch.


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Student Government Association Adviser

Jeremy Brown

Mr. Brown is the Student Service Learning coordinator, and the leader of both the Student Government Association and the Key Club, amd the Assistant Director of Band. He encourages all freshmen to get involved in school. See him if you are interested in leadership. You can find him in his room (C 101), in his office (C 104), or doing something important around the school.


attendancegraphic by Jewliana Hendrickson
Attendance Secretary

Jennifer Twiford

Ms. Twiford is one of the two attendance secretaries. She works alongside Ms. Hardister. If you are leaving early, arriving late, turning in a note excusing a sudden absence, giving a doctor’s note, or explaining an upcoming vacation, see one of these ladies. They can be found at the attendance window located next to the AP office.

nursegraphic by Jeweliana Hendrickson
School Nurse

Tatyana Parch

Ms. Tatyana is the school nurse. Working alongside Ms. Earley, she can handle from minor medical issues like supplying band-aids and ice packs to more serious health problems like administering medicine. If you have a medicine you take during the day, or you need Advil every so often, supply one of the nurses with the medicine and a doctor’s note to have school permission to take the medicine while on school property. You can find her in room C 109 (by the back entrance of the school.)